Best Security Screen Doors, Either Made Of Metal, Glass Or Steel in 2019

Best Security Doors in 2019 With Door Jamb Armor By Alan Young – Buyer’s Guide

It is no secret that your house needs to have very good security screen doors even in 2019. Imagine one morning you went to travel for a week or two and you had nobody to look after your house while you were away. Then you came back after a week to find that your door was kicked in and your valuables stolen. I am sure you and millions of people across the United States and abroad would feel very angry and frustrated at the same time.

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What happened to my alarm system? You may be wondering. Well, setting up an alarm system is good; however, it does not save you from the common eventuality where your door gets kicked in by burglars. The home security alarm system is just to notify you and the police of any intrusion; however, it does not save you from thieves who kick in doors to get into houses.

So why bother setting up a home security alarm system when burglars can simply kick your door in?

Well, it is not that setting up an alarm system is bad or of no use at all, however when you set it up, it should be in conjunction with various other security measures to ensure that your home is well protected from intruders.

Here are some of the other components of a home security system that you should ensure that you have in place;

1.    Door jamb; A door jamb is a device that enables you to secure your door in such a way that when someone kicks the door in, the lock holds it fast instead of giving way. I just recently watched a video by a reputable news station in the United States of America, showing how a door jamb made by armor concepts withstood a “kick” test and a battering ram test.door jamb

Click Here to watch the shocking video

2.    Sliding door lock; a sliding door lock is what holds sliding glass doors in place. Most sliding door locks can be easily tampered with by prying them open with a bar. This usually makes thieves have an easy time with sliding doors because they can just pry it open even if you try reinforcing the regular sliding door lock with a rod.sliding glass door lock
Most people are not aware that burglars can easily lift the sliding glass door from the regular locks and get into the house very easily. You need a lock that will firmly hold the glass in place and require someone to use military type force to get inside.

Once again the guys at Armor concepts have surpassed my expectation by coming up with something that is not ugly to look at and at the same time enables you to hold your sliding door lock very firmly in place. You can opt for ugly looking and unattractive metallic grills to put over the glass door, or you can choose to maintain the looks appeal of your home by going with the armor concepts sliding door lock.

3.    Door Security bar; a door security bar is used by some people to reinforce their doors in an attempt to keep burglars out. It has its advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage that I like is that the bars are mostly made of metal and thus make it tricky for intruders to get through them.

The major disadvantage with this type of metal bars is how ugly they make the house look. They make the house look more of a prison than a nice and cozy place where you would want to relax and have a nice time in.

The other negative feature of these bars that I have found is that they can be a major barrier in case of a fire inside the house that may need you to make a quick escape in the middle of the night.

Protect Your Family

I HIGHLY recommend that you go for the previous options and at least test them on your security doors. I promise you that you will not regret it.
Well, if you have read this far, you surely have noticed that I highly recommend the products by Armor Concepts. If you have not heard of them yet, Armor Concepts is a security company founded by Alan Young.

What I like about Alan Young is that unlike many other security companies, he did not start out as a police officer, a carpenter or locksmith. He started the company out of necessity that he had with his own house. I think this is what differentiates his firm from all the rest.

He and his brother had properties all over the United States because they own a real estate company. They had a hard time keeping thieves out of their property investments and that is how they managed to come up with Door Jamb Armor.

Do not just take my word for it, you can click through the image below and see how the security doors by them will work for you for as little as 29$

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