Home Repair And Remodelling Tactics For 2019

How to Go About Home Repair And Remodelling in – A Helpful Illustrated Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to besthousekeeping.co.uk . I hope your year is working out for you. I will be focusing on various things that you can do to upgrade and maintain your house on this blog. Feel free to go through the various reviews here like the Methven aurajet review and apply the ideas that you see. For a start, i want to talk about what you should consider when remodeling your house. Here is a video to give you a basic overview of what you can do to remodel your house;

home-repair-and-remodelling 2017

It is all about improving a broken, damaged or outdated structure of a building whether commercial or residential. In other words, renovation is a series of planned changes or updates made to add a touch of elegance to homes. By remodeling, you can put the best of your home on display for others to marvel at. It not only adds value to your home but also makes the maximum utilization of the available space. Millions of people renovate their houses to give it a new appearance.

When talking about Home improvement and remodeling, decorating both interiors and exteriors is equally important. It is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, expensive and challenging task, but my tips will help you give your home a whole new look no matter what your budget is.

We have to be realistic. These are hard times. We have to think everything over before jumping in to commit to any big project; whether personal or business. You can be so passionate about something that you do not think of anything else. One of those passions can be remodeling. You might have done it once on one part of your house and loved it so much that you turned it into a hobby. So before you go on and do some kitchen renovation, just pause for a minute and think about the following.

Do you really need to remodel it ?

Look around your kitchen. What do you see? Do you see rusty appliances? Do you see broken tables or chairs? Are there any unhinged drawers? If your kitchen is still perfectly fine to begin with, perhaps a remodeling can be postponed for some other time when your kitchen will really need it. Maybe you can allot that plan to other parts of the house that need it more. Say, your bathroom perhaps or your personal room?

Do you have the budget?

Before going into a frenzy planning when to put your extra drawers and what color of tiles you should be selecting for your new arrangement, double check your family’s overall expenses first and analyze whether a remodeling is a feasible idea at the moment. Perhaps you still have an unpaid bill. Or you need to spend extra money for your children’s schooling. You might need that budget you have assigned to your kitchen for a more important and pressing business, family, or personal matter.

Does your family fully support the project?

Does your husband or wife agree to your plan? Does your oldest kid think it’s a good idea? If your family is as excited and wiggly as you are about the project (and you have the budget), then go for it. Even if your kitchen is still in good shape, perhaps the members of you family can use a new environment and feel. However, if your spouse thinks it is not a good idea, then you should listen to what he or she is going to say first before proceeding with the vision and plan for your new kitchen.

Do you have a solid plan?

Okay everything is good. You have the budget. Your family could not be more excited. And your kitchen definitely needs a little something-something to make it pop again and wow guests. What is left now is your grand plan for your remodeling project. The plan has to go with what you envisioned your kitchen is going to be. If your remodeling contractor insists that their plan is already good enough (and you are far from convinced that it is), by all means, ditch them. There are a hundred other remodeling contractors in your area that are more creative and professional-the ones who can deliver your vision down to the very last specification.

Finishing A Remodeled Kitchen With Major Kitchen Appliances

Remodeling your kitchen is a drastic change. The kitchen is sometimes considered the heart of the home. It’s where the family sits together to eat in the morning and at night. It’s where you prepare meals. It’s a center for conversation over snacks and desserts. And when you remodel it you need to ensure you feel comforted by the décor. You worked so hard choosing the right flooring, backsplash, cabinetry, and countertops, so why would you stop there? The major kitchen appliances you choose are important too and need to match the design of your new kitchen just as much.


So, what do you pick for the kind of redesign you had in mind?

Appliances come in different colors and styles. You can get certain ranges of cooktops, single or double ovens, and different kinds of doors on refrigerators. You can also select from wine coolers and other specialty appliances. The styles you pick should significantly emphasize the remodel, not clash.

White marble, green, black and dark wood details look excellent with stainless steel appliances, as do certain darker colored glass tiles. Wood-paneled refrigerators and those with French doors look nicer with the lighter wood cabinetry and more country-home styles as opposed to modern or Tuscan.

Use a bit of your common sense. If you have a lot of vintage elements in your kitchen, then a dishwasher that looks like it could have come from a sci-fi movie with all its fancy buttons and lights is clearly not the right aesthetic choice. The same goes for a very art deco or modern kitchen—you are better off selecting the more advanced looking Wolf appliances then, say, one of their traditional models.

Also, make sure you stay consistent with the appliances. If you pick one brand, then stick to it and the matching models in that line. For example; if you get a certain oven from Viking appliances then look for the matching set for the refrigerator and the cooktop. You may actually end up saving money if you buy things in a set anyway. It gives a much more consistent and thought out look to the finished kitchen.

The entire project must work as a whole in order to really achieve the effect you planned in your design. When you take everything to the next level, you can really impact the look of the renovation. Taking a keen look at how the appliances, seating, and lighting have been arranged is the only way to do this.

Kitchen furniture styles

Are you thinking of kitchen furniture styles? There are more choices out there than you may think. Start by considering your kitchen’s furniture. Tables, chairs, side tables, highboys, counters, cabinets and so on. No matter what kitchen style your design is, there is kitchen furniture that will fit perfectly.

Below you will find some of the many kitchen styles you can shop from, plus aesthetic tips to help you finish your kitchen with perfect kitchen furniture styles.

Cottage style kitchens are inspired by the basic honesty of smaller, older homes such as those constructed in the’20’s. Typically, the cabinetry is made of wainscoting, or beaded board, and straight, simple lines. You will find open shelving rather than cabinets with doors; small-paned windows; window shutters and real wood flooring.


A Shaker style kitchen is always functional and clean with a simple design. Cabinets are usually cherry, though other woods are popular. Some craftsmen make cabinets and kitchen furniture from “reclaimed” or recycled wood that has been salvaged from an older building. Expect to pay more for the effort but you get instant antique cabinetry and kitchen furniture in return.


Mission style kitchens and kitchen furniture have a solid, rectangular design. The style began in the’20’s and is still popular today. Mission style is typified by rectangular panels and natural wood finishes though original woodwork has often long since been painted. If you are refurbishing an older mission style kitchen, you may wish to go through the process of stripping the paint to reveal the solid wood beneath. Besides the cabinets, mission style furniture is available for kitchens — mission style tables and chairs. Similar, though subtly different, styles include craftsman and arts and crafts kitchen furniture.mission-style-kitchen

How about having a country style kitchen?

country style kitchen

These cheerful spaces are often typified by bright wallpaper — plaid, gingham, striped, or checked. You will find chintz or calico window and wall treatments. Rather than glass, cabinet doors sometimes have pierced tin or even chicken wire. You may find exposed beams, and if so, all manner of antiques hanging on hand-forged nails are a nice touch. Country style kitchen furniture is clean, simple, and functional.

Are you thinking contemporary?


Contemporary kitchens often have a Scandinavian look that includes shiny stainless steel and big cabinet hardware. Frosted glass cabinet doors hide the contents and minimize clutter. The furniture in a contemporary kitchen should be simplicity itself. One of our favorite sources for contemporary style kitchen furniture is Ikea. Give yourself a treat and visit one of their stores.

Rustic kitchens and rustic kitchen furniture are our favorite theme. We love large, chunky furniture, often with dark stains or paint. Look for sturdy, almost over-built kitchen tables and chairs. Hardware is often hand-wrought iron. Decorate with copper pots and pans and painted tiles. You can buy antique storage units at premium prices, or shop contemporary stores for excellent look-alikes.

Laundry Room Renovation

best-laundry-room-renovationTraditionally, washers and dryers were located in the basement. This is a little like storing garden tools in the attic. The dominant thinking today is to have the laundry room closer to the bedrooms.

This is easier than it used to be because homes are generally more spacious, and because there are more choices of appliance models which might fit into closets and other tight spaces.

Whenever you’re remodeling laundry rooms, the first challenge is finding the most likely spot to put the laundry room. Some changes will have to be made to your walls.

Full sized washers and dryers are 4 or 5 inches deeper than most closets. Think about what’s on the other side of the closet and what happens if you break through the wall.

You could look at compact machines, but they won’t handle the work load if you have a family. There are a few stackable models with large capacity. These will work in a narrow space. Of course, in an ideal arrangement, you also would have a sink and space to store the laundry.

If you’re working in a closet, you’ll need a minimum of 5′-6″ wall to wall, and a clear door opening of 5 feet. The inside depth of the closet needs to be 30″. A room (even if it’s no bigger than a walk-in closet) would be much better.

That will give you space for an ironing board, and possibly a linen closet (or at least some shelves). If the room exists, remember to check the door width when remodeling laundry rooms, to make sure that the appliances can fit through the opening.

Both appliances in your new laundry room need their own dedicated electrical circuits. Manufacturers’ booklets will give you the information about the voltage and other technical data. A gas dryer will need a new gas line. The washing machine will also need both hot and cold water lines connected to it.

This could be a big deal, depending on where the closest water lines are. You will have to open a wall to access the pipes, and you might need several holes before you can tap into an existing line. Consider this when remodeling laundry rooms and deciding on a location.

Let’s not forget about the drain. The washer has to tap into a drain in order to insure that you won’t have any future leaks.

Have you ever seen a washing machine that hasn’t overflowed occasionally?

This will mean cutting into the floor. It’s not too big a project in a ranch house with a full basement, but if you’re putting a drain on the 2nd floor of the house, it’s more complex (aka expensive).

A floor pan to catch the water and direct it into the drain is a cheap and good idea. Dryer vents should go outside, either through the roof, or through the side wall of the house. Never vent into the attic.

If you’re remodeling laundry room on the 2nd floor, I recommend using high quality hoses. They’re more durable than the standard hoses, and many come with guarantees. They’re a little more expensive initially, but they will give you peace of mind.

Laundry Room Cabinets are cabinets that you can use to hide your washer and dryer. Hopefully, you have more than a closet-sized space for your laundry room. If you have a decent sized room (minimum of 8 by 10), or if you’re renovating an existing laundry area, try to include some laundry room cabinets.

They will make your laundry room more useful and better organized, making your laundering chore a lot easier (if you follow these suggestions).

Have 7-foot tall cabinets (any taller and you can’t reach the top shelf easily) on either side of the washer/dryer, and wall-hung cabinets above them.

In one of the tall cabinets (in addition to storage space) you should have a swing-out hanging rack, and a flip-up working table. In the other tower, include a hamper, a sink & faucet, and you can include a fold-out ironing board if you don’t have the space for a free-standing one.

There are several ways to incorporate these features into a set of laundry room cabinets, but if you want to see how one set-up is designed, you can Google Workbench Magazine for plans and diagrams showing how to build a laundry center.

Setting up Home Security in 2019

setting-up-a-home-security-systemWith the growing necessity for home security systems, the thought of guarding your home from quick or premeditated crimes has taken on new importance. Once you finally secured your home, you’ll be able to leave your home with the guarantee that your loved ones are protected. Depending upon your budget and needs you can find so many varieties of home security systems. The two basic sorts are the un-monitored and the monitored systems.

The un-monitored home security system is most likely the most commonly used one because it is far less expensive than the monitored models. This alarm goes off when a burglar tries to break into the house; it also conveniently lets out a loud sound. In the event you have a good neighbor, he/she would instantly inform the local police or you can call them if you’re at home yourself. A monitored security system has a much better benefit because your system connects to a nearby call center. As soon as the company makes certain that the alarm was not set off accidentally , they’ll contact you for your password and maybe even bring in the nearby authorities.

Home security systems consist of both indoor and outside monitoring. In the typical indoor security system, alarms mounted within the doors and house windows make up the security system. They can even discover the movements within the house by means of motion sensors. You’ve got to type in a secret code to start this system. This type works best when you leave the home deserted for some length of time.

The indoor monitoring systems come in innovative versions that can even diagnose and trigger alarms taking into account the criminal’s size and weight. In that way, if your pet walks by, the alarm won’t be accidentally activated. If your home is going to be empty during the evening, initialize the alarm in such a way that at the smallest suspicion of burglar detection, the outdoor floodlights will be turned on.

Monitoring systems are never complete with out setting up home security systems. You can find different types of video surveillance when you are prepared to get your own. The best two types to use for the home are the nanny cameras or the transportable cameras. Nanny cameras, also called incognito cameras, you are able to conceal within a light fixture or in a stuffed toy.

This is the best option if you want to keep an eye on your children when they’re alone at home or should you want to monitor your nanny about whom you have your suspicions. Portable cameras work very best as home security cameras because they simply cover little rooms from a fixed location. Portable cameras also withstand repeated moving from one area to another.

As soon as you start getting prepared to take off on a family trip or on a long weekend, update your home security system. There are usually newer and far better alarm systems in the market place and updating them regularly will assure you more security. Get a gardener to trim the hedges and bushes due to the fact that it’s one place where petty thieves will hide. Should you be living in an area, which has bad lighting conditions, possess a evening vision security camera monitoring your garage and garden.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Improvement Financing in 2019

The first step to figuring out home improvement financing is to figure out what you even want to do with your home. Are you just going to remodel one room or are you going to install an Olympic sized backyard pool? What kind of budget do you want to put yourself in? After you answer these questions, it’s time to start looking at what options are available to you.

Loans and Options

For small jobs that will only cost a couple of hundred dollars, experts agree that you’re best just paying for it yourself with a credit card, but bigger jobs are more complex.

The first real option available to you would be to look into a home equity loan. With these loans you don’t have to sell your home and as long as it falls within the proper limits, you can write off the interest on your taxes. Unfortunately if you’re not hiring a licensed contractor and you’re opting to do the work on your own, you’re going to have a harder time landing home improvement financing.

Another option that is relatively painless, if the option is available to you, is to take some money out of your company’s 401K plan. The downside to this plan is that if you leave the company you’ll have to pay back the loan in full within five years or pay what can be up to 28% in early withdrawal penalties.

Then there’s the idea for you to borrow from your life insurance for home improvement financing. With this plan, you can borrow up to 96% of your policy and only have to pay the interest which leads to a very low rate for you. It is possible though that taking out a loan such as this will lessen your death benefits however, which means that should you die before the loan if paid off, your family will receive a much smaller payout.


In this article, I have discussed three viable options on how you can pay for your home loan but there are still other options out there for you to look at. I didn’t even talk about stock portfolios or title 1 loans. Make sure you shop around and find out what will works best for you. Always remember to settle the loan first and never go with the lender that a contractor suggests to you because there is no way to know if he is getting a commission from that lender leading you to pay hidden fees until you’re too old to enjoy your remodeled home.

In an ideal world, this would be an easy process where banks would just give home improvement financing without any thought in the world on how and when you’d pay them back and you could enjoy your dream home. Then again, if this were an ideal world that Olympic sized swimming pool would’ve been included in your backyard when you bought the place at no extra charge.

Just as securing your home is essential, it’s also just as crucial to insure all of the belongings that you have at home. Check out all the policies related to home and property insurance and choose the one that accommodates your requirements. It is equally essential to be sure to repair any damaged locks at home. Get the locks on the windows or doors fixed by a certified locksmith immediately, irrespective of exactly where the window or door may possibly be. Do not live under the bogus confidence that your residence remains safe from theft because the broken window or door is located on the second story of your house.

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