LG 907L Door In Door Review 2017

LG 907L Door In Door Reviews Plus Its New Replacement in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Hi there, today I want to review the LG 907L Door in door refrigerator. Do you feel sometimes that your current refrigerator is just not big enough to hold all the food items you need to be kept? Me too. I was looking for a fridge that would be able to hold the numerous food items that my family consumes on a daily basis and at the same time easy on the eye.

I have settled for the LG907L and I am about to show you why. From the outside, it has a cool, sleek look that I really like especially because it is a stainless steel refrigerator. It is also one of the largest sizes on the market for the home setting.lg 90l door in door review

The LG’s French doors also are quite useful especially for separating my food items. So why is it called the Door in Door refrigerator?

Well, because as you can see below, it has two compartments in one. No it is not magic. There is a button on the right handle of the fridge. When you open the right door while pressing the button, it holds in an inner compartment and lets you sort out your food into food and drinks categories. When you open the right door without pressing the button, it will give you access to the outer compartment only as you can see.

lg 907l door in door drinks compartment
lg 907l door in door drinks compartment

lg 907l door in door food compartment

Constantly opening and closing the door of a fridge messes up with the temperature and efficiency of the fridge and that is why LG came up with it. Therefore you can place things like water and milk which you may be retrieving every now and then in one compartment. This means that even if you constantly open and close the fridge, the temperature imbalance does not affect the other food items you have kept in it.

The also has made use of thinner panels within the storage compartments so that they can store more things than other fridges in the same category.

It also has a Smart diagnosis feature that I really like. This means that I do not have to have any technical skills if my fridge has an issue. I just simply open the right door and then push the lock button until the control panel locks. Then I hold my smart phone to the Smart diagnosis logo on the top of the LG fridge unit and the phone will start talking to the panel with a series of beeps. Once the beeps have stopped, now the diagnosis can begin.

smart diagnosis feature

The LG907L refrigerator also has the wide temperature control pantry door that lets you select the optimum temperature depending on the items that you store within it such as your meats, deli items and vegetables.

It also has a three layer freezer organization which means that you can use each layer to place different frozen items. The top drawers can also be pulled out for access.


It also has the LG Pure And Fresh filter technology which is a filtration system that not only circulates air but also deodorizes to reduce odors in the fridge.


Hello there. I just received some new information about the LG 907L door in door refrigerator and thought it wise to update my review. Apparently LG has decided to discontinue the production of this product and therefore you cannot find it available online. You can checkout the discontinued listing on their official website .

However, there is no need to panic because they have released a better version of the door in door technology in a new fridge known as the LG LFXS30766S 30.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator with Energy Saving technology. You can check out the full review plus what other customers are saying about it by clicking through the images below; You may also need to know about

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