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The present day market can be so confusing. There are a lot of new organizations that come up all the time claiming to have the best refrigerators 2016 in the market. However, you and i know that it is not possible. We have gone far and wide to bring you a comprehensive analysis on the best selling and also the best rated refrigerators on the market and have done all the hard work for you by filtering out the good ones from the bad. Therefore all you have left is the very best refrigerator on the market in each category.

The Best Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

Here is the best stainless steel refrigerator reviews;

The 3.1 Cubic Feet, SPT RF-314SS Double Door is one of the best stainless steel refrigerators in the market;

Advantages of The SPT RF-314 Double Door Stainless steel Refrigerator

  • It is free of high chlorofluorocarbons therefore you are assured of keeping your environment clean and the air free of contaminants.
  • It has a double door which is divided into two separate fridge and freezer compartments. This means that you can separate out your vegetables from your meat and ice-cream and remove the risk of cross contamination of food.
  • It has quite a large rack inside which means that you can store your tall bottles inside.
  • It is small and therefore one of the best compact refrigerator in the market that can be stored in tiny offices or in your dorm room.
  • The compressor in it is very silent and it also puts out very little heat. therefore if you are in a small room, you will not be put off by loud noises at night and excessive heat.

Disadvantages Of This Small Refrigerator

  • It has only one mini ice tray, so you have to get some extra ones in case you need to make a lot of them
  • It may not be the required size for those who want big fridges for their kitchen.

Customer Feedback

A lot of the over 50 customers who bought this item recently had good words to say about it.


For those of you who need something a little more bigger, then you should try out the Frigidaire Gallery Series Built-In All Refrigerator, All Freezer Combo Unit with Easy Care Stainless Steel below;

Frigidaire is one of the best refrigerator brands in the market. Do you want to know why? Then go through the Frigidaire refrigerator reviews below;

Advantages of the Frigidaire Gallery Series

  • It is massive and has two giant doors so that you can sort your food items well. In case you have to keep some medicine in the fridge, you can easily separate them from foodstuffs and prevent children from confusing them with food.
  • It has an ice-maker within it, therefore you do not have to purchase one.
  • It has powerful LED lighting that will enhance your vision even in the night or when it is dark and you are looking for something in it.
  • The stainless steel material it is made from is easy to clean and reduces the amount of visible smudge marks on it.

Disadvantages of the Frigidaire Refrigerator

  • It is very big in size therefore it may not be the best choice for students or people who live in tiny apartments.
  • It has some problem with the door alert system in case of a problem with the door sealing.

Customer Frigidaire Refrigerator Reviews

The customers who bought it were mostly satisfied with some who had no technical expertise having a little problem with it.


Here is the best french door refrigerator review

The best french door refrigerator currently in the market is theĀ  thirty cubic feet stainless steel LG LMXS30776S

Advantages of this French Door Refrigerator

  • It comes with a customized chill drawer so that you can separate out your food items.
  • Almost every part of this fridge is removable, so when you experience spills, you can clean it out properly and avoid getting a foul smell from stale water.
  • It is big enough to store food for a family of six that shops every week.


  • The door in door on this fridge is a little tricky to close because you have to push it all the way in.
  • The water dispenser symbol wears off after some time
  • LG does not have a long period of time in which they maintain inventories for parts

Customer Reviews

There has been a little bit of a mixed reaction from consumers who bought this fridge especially after the pull out of the .


Another good refrigerator brand is Samsung. Here is my Samsung refrigerator review;

If you are looking for a counter depth refrigerator, the RH22H9010SR should be at the top of your list.

Advantages of The Samsung RH22H9010SR

  • It comes with a steel paneling that is very useful in maintaining the temperature inside the fridge at a constant.
  • It is energy efficient, therefore you will not have a sharp increase in your energy costs.
  • There are 3 fruit and vegetable drawers that you can store your veggies in and also some cheese if you have some.

Disadvantages of The Samsung RH22H9010SR

  • It will not hold magnets on the door because it is made of stainless steel
  • Sometimes when you place water in the fridge, it does not get very cold.
  • You need to install a fridge guard to keep it safe from power surges

Customer Reviews

The people who brought this product had a lot to say about it. I think it is important for you to see some of what they said.



There you have the refrigerator reviews that you were looking for. I have gone far and wide to go through various brands of refrigerators and sorted the ones that had the most positive reviews out of the ones that have a negative reputation. It is also important to note that you should request the supplier or the person who delivers your package to the office to assist you in the installation part which can be quite tricky, especially if it is a big fridge. You can also see other reviews such as the review.