Best House Alarm Systems Reviews in 2017

Best Home Security Systems , Intruder Alarms & Wireless Cameras Reviews in 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fresh And Updated House Alarm Systems List For April 2017 – Best Burglar Alarms, Domestic CCTV & Wireless Security Cameras Reviews For The UK & US. Go Through The Reviews below and select the best one for you;

How safe is your home, when you’re in it and when you’re not around? When it comes the time to buy home security, we all want the best we can get. Your property is expensive, and your family is invaluable.

They need to be protected. But there are numerous different kinds of house alarm systems to choose from. We’ll give an in-depth look at how you can make the selection that best suits your individual needs.

Note that there is a major difference between a burglar alarm and a home security system. A burglar system is the kind that detects intruder entry and notifies you or the authorities, while a home security system also warns you about environmental dangers such as flooding or fire.

CCTV Camera Kits Review For 2017

Table Summary Of Best Home Burglar Alarms In The UK

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Canary all in one home security device ( Editor's Choice)
Yale YEFKIT2 Easy Fit Telecommunication Alarm Kit
Fortress SO2-a wireless home security alarm system kit auto dial description
Friedland response SL2 wirefree multiserver user keypad controlled burglar alarm system

Table Summary Of Top Security Devices in The US

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System (Editor's Choice)
G Outdoor Indoor Fake Dummy Imitation CCTV Security Camera TW02
Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Infrared Game &Trail Digital Surveillance Camera
Spy Tec STI_Z16 720P HD Cameras
Amcrest ProHD Camera – IP2M-841
Amcrest 720P Tribrid HDCVI 8CH 2TB DVR Security Camera System
Nest Cam Home Monitoring Camera
Simplisafe 2 Wireless Home Monitoring System diy 8-piece Plus Package
Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning

What To Consider When Getting A Home Security System:

· Do you need burglar protection or all round home security?

· How do you want the system powered? There are various companies that offer solar powering, low voltage electricity or even long lasting batteries which are particularly helpful during vacations when you are not available to power them

· Size. Bigger homes may require a different alarm system from a small studio apartment. Remember to check ad confirm this with your provider before you settle on any type.

· Budget. It is very easy to refuse to put a price on your life. However, there are newer companies that offer better and modern security for a cheaper budget compared to veteran companies that may charge your more because of experience

· Learn about the installation. Some companies may charge you for installation when it is a simple Do It Yourself process. Check on the process and decide whether you can do it yourself or pay someone else to do it

· Additional services. Most companies will have additional services you may need to pay for. While some of them may to be necessary, consider the options available so as to pick the most helpful ones.

It usually consists of a variety of sensors to control access on doorways, gates and windows; by wired or wireless cameras, . This is of course all managed by the control panel which enables all the components to work together as a single device. Set-ups can change and provide different levels of control. A long-distance control can be useful. This type of set up is able to activate or de-activate your system wirelessly.

Keyboards, fingerprints and voice control are also options generally available. There are many differences between one security system and another, yet the most significant question you should ask yourself is: is it professionally monitored?

This means that, besides an audio signal being played by the system, the alarm company gets immediately informed of the intrusion, contacts the homeowner, or, if the case occurs, the police. If not, the acoustic alarm sounds, and it is the owner’s responsibility to contact the police, or whoever is in charge to help.

Let us now analyze and explain a few of these devices, in order to give you a proper idea on how security systems work, and what options are there to be used;

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, cameras are primarily used for surveillance purposes and home security systems. A little background information before we get into the product review. They were invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown back in 1966. These cameras can be either analogue or digital, based on the signals sent to the storage device. They often include wireless security cameras like the blue iris.

In analogue cameras, the storage device is a tape recorder; for digital CCTV cameras, the storage is sent to a remote device, like a computer. Note that none of the reviewed camera kits are analog. Digital cameras are an effective choice for surveillance systems. They also have the added bonus of extensive storage space possibilities.

They can also come with technical support and accessibility attached to the devices. These cameras are excellent for starting a surveillance system or to add to a current video surveillance system. Some of them are durable for indoor and outdoor surveillance purposes. Without further delay, let’s get into some of the industry’s bestselling CCTV camera kits in the UK.


This is one of the best wireless intruder alarms. Its design features a high quality video camera and very effective night vision. For its starting price, it sure is a good deal for your money. The camera features a lot of different modes for when you are at home or even at night. Canary allows its subscribers different options when it comes to storage of the recorded data for review.


1. It features a full light HD video quality. This is an excellent upgrade from all those blurry images seen on cut cameras. This feature allows you to spot out very clearly; faces and finer details like tattoos and piercings

2. The camera has excellent night vision. If darkness is automatically detected or selected, the camera switches to infra-red technology which allows you to tell faces and details very clearly in the dark.

3. The camera has location based alerts. The good thing about this is that you are able to know the exact place where a burglar is at any one time.

4. The camera has the ability to monitor air temperature. This feature works in such a way that you may be able to tell what the air contains at any one time. The camera is able to detect carbon monoxide, isoquant, hydrogen and ethanol. This in no way makes it a smoke detector or an alternative to one.

5. Canary cameras can be incorporated into IOS and Android phones with their in depth apps. This allows you to have clear view of your house when you are away from home

6. Canary alarm has a 90db alarm attached to it. Well, this is quite a loud alarm that you might not want to activate when you’re in the same room. This loudness is exactly what saves you in any case of a burglar attempt.


1. the video quality is excellent

2. it has very reliable notifications and even fewer cases of false positives

3. the home health monitoring feature is quite useful in cases of a failed smoke detector

4. The canary phone app saves you the trouble of having to drive back home in case the alarm goes off. You are able to check from wherever you are and call the police if need be.


1. The camera does not feature an SD card. Which means that you cannot store your recordings unless you choose canary’s subscriptions which are very pricey


This is a new integration from Yale; boasting of years of experience protecting our families and generations before us. This alarm kit combines all the common features in a house alarm with the addition of telecommunication art which automatically calls you and your family if the lark is not turned off in time. The other great addition is that this alarm falls in the DIY group of home products. You can therefore install it yourself at no extra cost.

The entire setting up process takes less than 3 hours and does not require knowledge of drilling. Setting the alarm involves entering your pin and arming it.

To increase the security, it may be wise to keep the control panel out of site so that it’s not easily deactivated.


1. It offers a touch screen panel which controls all the major functions of the kit. The panel automatically darkens when it stops being touched. The panel allows you to select your options and offers simple explanations for all the buttons on its screen.

2. It automatically alerts the user via telephone in case of any problems. If the alarm is not switched off in time, you have the option of pressing the panic button which then automatically calls your friends and family.

3. It has a loud and deafening alarm which is good in case of a burglar incident. You have the option of selecting how loud it is and just who can turn it off. This is sure to be heard miles down the block

4. All the features of the kit are pre-linked to ensure easy programming and faster jam detection. Incidences of this camera being “down “are next to zero. This is due to its use of rolling code transmission.

5. Deactivation can be done via the control pale or through your personal phone.

6. Motion detection


1. The set-up process is very simple and easy to follow. The manual offers step by step instructions that may not require you to outsource for help elsewhere. In addition, all the errors of installation can easily be maneuvered on their frequently encountered Challenges page.

2. It is a highly sensitive camera and there are very few incidences of false positives. If there were, the deafening alarm would kill you before the burglars got to you

3. The calling features saves you time and gives you a piece of mind any time you are far from home. The panel is expandable to more than 3 users meaning you can easily send someone home to check it out.

4. Siren can be turned off using a simple touch button. Less noise to the neighbors on false alarms.

5. The kit can have an included smoke alarm for cases when your smoke alarm fails.

6. The installation does not have wires or holes that need to be drilled

7. Most of the accessories that come with are optional


1. The deafening alarm can drive anyone in the room insane even in cases where there is no danger

2. Yale does not forewarn you that the alarm can be set off by the key fobs. This is another way for burglars to get access without the alarm activating.


This is the ultimate starter pack for anyone looking to invest in home burglar systems. If you’ve been thinking of installing on and are too sure about where to start and which one to buy, then by all means select The Fortress So2. Featuring an easy installation feature, contact points, motion detectors and passive motion sensors. You can be sure your Rae getting the best deal for your money.

As the name fortress suggests the alarm kit allows you to sleep or even travel out of town knowing that your house is safe.


1. The alarm has sensitive motion sensors for doors and windows. They are able to detect the movement of moths and flies.

2. It has an in-built siren speaker of 130db

3. The alarm is easily set off in cases of unexplained or forced entry into the house through the window or door. It also detects any suspicious movements in the dark passively.

4. The alarm is designed in a way that it’s able to call a designated number in case of danger. It may also play a recorded message if a custom sound the choice is really yours.

5. The alarm is deactivated by pressing on of the key fobs or dialing In a number


1. The alarm is easy to install and use. The manual provides simple instructions that when followed assure you of proper installation

2. The alarm is deafeningly loud at 130db. There is no risk if you failing to hear it

3. The emergency call dial is effective when you are far away and unable to reach your house.

4. Passive mission sensors allow you to note imminent danger and take control or proper action

5. It is cheap and does not require a monthly monitoring fee.

6. The alarm is able to differentiate between pets and intruders which is remarkable.

7. Very affordable compared to other alarms in its budget range and with similar features.


1. The high sensitivity gives rise to numerous false positives and unnecessary noise when the alarm is triggered.

2. The programming process can be very tedious and one wrong move leads to a deletion of all the sensors

3. The instructions are lacking.


The alarm kit has a rating on amazon which is well above average. Most customers commend the ease of installation. The major complaint was on the loudness of the alarm. Even when falsely triggered, it is bound to wake the entire neighborhood up.


This is an alarm system that is ideal for the family home. It has multi-user control and is easy to use. This is different from the other fried land alarms in that it uses a higher frequency of signal transmission at 868mhz which provide for a safer transmission that may not be easily jammed or hacked by other devices,

It’s also unique in that there is wireless transmission allows for faster transmission. It is solar powered but has long lasting batteries. The siren is quite loud and solar powered. All these features make it ideal for a large and small home.


1. It has a tamper and anti-jamming detection provide additional security from potential intruders

2. The kit is expandable to up to 18 PIRs with door contacts

3. The user keypads are portable and can be expanded up to 6 pads

4. It has 6 zone LED control which are compatible with premium wireless external lighting controls.

A box contains

· Solar siren with LED indicators

· 2 window and door indicators

· 2 movement detectors

· A keypad

· Batteries

· Fixings


1. Easy to use and easy to install

2. The multi user control is ideal for a big family


1. It has a long delay time.

2. With time the batteries deplete very quickly

3. The solar siren is extremely loud.

Home Security Company Reviews – ADT Alarm Systems

The oldest security provider in the market, ADT remains to be most reliable, most used and most recommended by far. It is basically found all over the United States and UK and remains to be the number one choice of home security provider.

ADT has for a long time specialized in providing house alarms for the home and the workplace. have been effective and efficient in keeping us safe whether we are present or away. It is no wonder that they are our go-to company when it comes to deciding on what we need in terms of security.

ADT has developed a smart kind of security system called the ADT Smart home


1. It connects the home security system with your computer, phone or tablet.

2. It allows you to set your home alarm from wherever you are. You can also unset it, and manage any other features as well.

3. With smart control you are able to manage your home cameras, lights and all the synced functions from a central point

4. The ADT Smart app is android and IOS compatible allowing you to be secure even on the move

This is also ideal for parents who want to keep tabs on who is going in or out of the home at any one time. Whether you are home or not, smart home allows you to give the illusion that you are by switching on the lights when the alarm is activated

5. Internal cameras allow you to watch over your home when you are on vacation or away from home.

6. ADT has its own inbuilt Wi-Fi that is not affected by changes in your home Wi-Fi

7. High encryption security minimizes the risk of hacking and makes your data safe.

There are numerous different packages that are dependent on the kind of security you want. You can upgrade your alarms to a smoke detector, or even CCTV.


Every single alarm triggered is noted by ADT. They then call you up and every other nominated key holders to ensure that you are safe and that it was not a false alarm. The installation process is quick and does not contain many confusing wires that would likely be messy. ADT is a trusted alarms provider and the efficiency of their alarms has over the years been noted and feared by burglars. The mere sign of surveillance by ADT is a feared by burglars.

ADT alarms are able to tell the clear difference between pets and intruders to avoid falsely setting off alarms and unnecessary chaos. ADT alarms have inbuilt Wi-Fi that does not let you down regardless of the strength of home Wi-Fi. This means that your security is 24/7

The introduction of key fobs allow you to be rest assured that you do not have to remember number codes and passwords.

ADT allows you to double up your alarm with a smoke and carbon detector for the all-round experience.

You can also comfortably pay ADT to monitor your alarm for you all day every day.


1. Years of experience sets them apart from all other providers

2. They have very professional same day installation

3. You can always upgrade your subscriptions and pick what you need from all they offer

4. The app is user friendly


1. You can only get a quote after a home visit

2. They are relatively more expensive than all other home security providers

3. Their installation is not free

4. Their upgrades are not automatically done every 3 years unless requested

ADT Guarantees

1. They offer you money back for up to 6 months

2. In case of a break-in, ADT reimburses you for the stolen goods if and only if you had installed the cameras and they were being monitored

3. In case you have to move, it is important to note that you will get a discount for the second installation

Burglar Alarm Cost

There are various reasons why you would select a particular burglar alarm. There are also various considerations taken in when giving you a quote.

1. Is it a DIY alarm or does it require professional installation?

Installation fees are another reason why the cost of one burglar alarm may be higher than the other.

2. The service provider

Older more experienced companies tend to charge more for the same service compare to newer companies. Your choice of provider should be greatly influenced by your budget because the older the more expensive. Find out what you need then find out who can give it to you affordably.

3. Wireless or hard wiring?

Wireless alarms are easier to install, have less hustle and are generally better than wired alarms which may need drilling and expert assembly. You may be needed to cough up more money for a wireless alarm

4. Bell alarm or monitored alarm

A monitored alarm will relay information to an alarm response Centre for action while a bell only alarm will only notify you of an intrusion. Monitored systems are more expensive than bell only.

The general cons of having a home security

· You have a false sense of security. Burglars are just as knowledgeable about alarms as you are and may find smart ways of shutting them down.

· You always have to remember to set the alarm and to deactivate it. At some point you may just give up

· If your alarm is connected to the police station, you will get charges for all the false alarms.

Why You Should Still Get A Home Security System

1. If you’re a parent, you get alerts when someone comes in or goes out of the home.

2. The sight of an alarm is sometimes all you need to scare away burglars. The deafening sound of an alarm sometimes makes the burglar scamper away.

3. You can be sure that police will be dispatched as soon as someone breaks into your home.

In conclusion, a home security system is indeed a must have. The benefits outweigh the minor inconveniences. Besides, your home is one of your biggest investments, and its security isn’t to be trifled with. Getting the best is a skill you will probably acquire over time. The more you review different options available in the market the more you learn and are able to get the best deal. Learn to constantly check on updated and better subscriptions so that you are able to have the best the market can provide.

If you are not paying for monitoring services, I suggest you find a way to regularly check on the home security in order to learn the different tricks that may be used to deactivate the alarm. Read on additional services that may be provided with you home alarm and weigh the benefits of an all in one service compared to paying for a separate smoke detector.

I personally make an effort to find out what other homes use for security and how to upgrade my own.

Here Are The Top Security Devices In The US

G Outdoor Indoor Fake Dummy Imitation CCTV Security Camera TW02

Let’s start off with an imitation camera. The BG Outdoor Indoor CCTV TW02 is an imitation camera for those who desire the appearance of surveillance without the high cost of an actual camera. Cheaply priced, this camera provides the illusion of security that could satisfy the intent of any low maintenance buyer.


At first glance, the BG TW02 appears real, from a distance. The dimensions are quite realistic. It also utilizes a flashing red light, which further attributes to the realism of the product.

The fake camera is easy to install or mount outside or indoors. And for an added affect, comes with an official-looking CCTV sticker (which is used to verify real CCTV cameras for judicial and legal purposes).

Many customers online seem to like its overall appearance, because it is ranked as the Best Selling bullet camera on Amazon.Co.UK! And the 5 star ratings make up over 60 percent of the reviews! Those are pretty good odds.


Many customers have reported that the camera is lightweight and cheaply made. This is demonstrated in outdoor use, as many of these cameras are not able to sustain moderate to high winds, so use discretion when placing them outside.

The batteries appear to drain very quickly in these devices, utilizing the most important feature, the flashing red led, useless. As mentioned before, the cameras appear real, from a distance. This is bad news for customers who desire to place the camera at eye level, or lower. Also, the camera wire is not attached to a base, making it look less convincing to a potential intruder.


This “camera” emits an imitation infrared led light and another flashing led from under the lens. The device is sturdy enough to be used indoors, and potentially outdoors, as it has a removable rain shield. Small enough to fit in the hand, but large enough to see from a distance, the measured dimensions of the camera is 160x80x74mm. Batteries are not included, but for the price that is quite feasible.

This is a great addition for a previously installed surveillance system, or to give the perception of an actual system. The pros for this imitation camera almost matches the cons. Review the differences carefully before making a purchase to these “cameras.”

Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Infrared Game &Trail Digital Surveillance Camera 

The Crenova 12MP 1080P HD Infrared Camera is a heavy duty surveillance equipment that digitally stores video with an SD card. Excellent for nighttime viewing, this product is a top seller in outdoor game cameras.


The infra-red camera on the Crenova creates excellent night time shots that are clear for the price. The nighttime photo and video quality is reportedly very impressive. Audio appears to capture well for relatively close objects. The storage on the camera is pretty expansive as it can maintain 8 GB to 32GB SD cards for recording and image capturing purposes.

The device appears to be built very well –the design is quite sturdy. And another excellent feature is the battery cartridge. The cartridge has a placement for an additional 4 batteries for automatic use, for when the current set of batteries die.


However, there were a few reported issues that were pretty consistent. The device does not come with an SD card, which is required to store the material. This is an added cost on the buyer. Luckily, the camera is not very expensive. Close objects produce great audio quality, but the camera seems to have issues recording objects at a distance. Although nighttime quality was excellent for the price, it is reported that the image quality during the day, when derived from video, isn’t a high quality.

Many stated the instructions were helpful, but some had difficulties troubleshooting problems with the instructions. And apparently, there is a delay between taking a picture and returning to video mode, about 5-10 seconds, which could be crucial when documenting or viewing wildlife. Many users had problems with the product staying on for prolonged periods of time, while others could not get the device to work after a few months.


The Crenova has a 5 Megapixel sensor, and 12 Megapixel full color resolution. This game camera records 1080P HD video with audio. Built specifically for nighttime recording, the device has an automatic infrared filter and 42 piece led, and sensing angle of 120 degrees.

The Crenova is waterproof and very durable. The camera comes with password protection, automated timer, and a built-in alarm for low battery life. Some users have difficulties with the longevity of the product while the majority of users are very satisfied with the device.

Spy Tec STI_Z16 720P HD Cameras

The Spy Tec STI_Z16 is a lightweight spy camera equipment. This product is a little more pricey than the previously mention cameras. This device has a few notable drawbacks, but is worth a review.


The camera is pretty light, and can be placed relativity anywhere, with a removable adhesive, like Velcro. The motion and sound detection works really well on the Spy Tec, and is quite sensitive. There are settings to adjust sensitivity to the user’s specific needs. The video quality is modest for a spy camera, but captures a wide angle. Videos apparently do not skip or freeze often, which is optimal for hidden cameras.


The Spy Tec is not a primer choice for nighttime viewing. Many users claimed that the nighttime viewing was virtually useless. The motion detection is also limited, as it will only record left to right, not right to left movement. Audio quality could use some improvement, as it is difficult to pick up sounds from a distance.

And as for usability, this product does not work seamlessly with Apple products although it claims to be Mac compatible. Another drawback to the Spy Tec is that it visibly flashes a light while it is recording. This is not a useful function if one is attempting to conceal the device. Like the Crenova camera, an SD card not included; however, with the higher price and modest quality, so this is considered a drawback.


The Spy Tec STI_Z16 is another online best seller. This little device has motion activated video and sound recording for top secret surveillance needs. The device records with 720p video and had a relatively wide range lens of 160 degree, excellent for such a small camera. The camera has a rotatable lens, and a battery that can record up to 10 continuous hours.

If it is not in use, the camera can also sustain a charge for up to 4 months. Another stealthy surprise, the camera has a vibration trigger mode in addition to the voice and motion activation modes. Although it is a best seller, many users are moderately satisfied or unsatisfied with purchasing the Spy Tec STI_Z16.


The UCam 247 is an HD wireless security camera. More on the costly side, this camera has higher ratings than previously discussed CCTV cameras. This model tends to be a great fit for a more technical savvy buyer.


The UCam 247 is a very durable model. Weather resistant, it can be properly maintained in high wind gust and in-climate weather. This model also appears to have a notable longevity for an outdoor camera –many users claim to have used this model for years. The image quality is spot on and quite wonderful, but for the price, it is to be expected.

Most users claim the unit is easy to install, mechanically, but seem to have issues technically with other supplemental devices. Due it its high accessibility, this is an excellent camera to double as an indoor home monitoring system, this is great for homes with children. The camera is accompanied with a slew of software that can be used on computers, phones, and tablets. Reportedly, the camera achieves it purposes, but is much better than the actual software that comes with it.


This camera has been around for a few years, and in the beginning of its inception, the majority of users had serious issues with the accompanying products, like the apps, software and manuals. Currently, most users are satisfied with the improvements but a significant number still find issues with the UCam’s additions. The apps are pretty clunky and poorly implemented. The software that comes with the unit isn’t great, an not as straightforward as some people may desire.

The manual for the camera is a little out of date, with no extensive explanations for the settings and features. Some settings on the UCam are not covered in the manual at all! A notable percentage of users have some serious connectivity issues to computers and Wi-Fi, and could not stream video easily. And to top it off, technical support for the company does not have a record of being effective.


The UCam 247 shoots wide angles and up to 15m infrared night vision. This camera also accompanies an app that is apple and android friendly, to view videos instantly. This camera is high with user accessibility, as users can stream live video on PC and Macs, with alerts available on mobile devices. Users can instantly view archived video in addition to live transmissions.

Also, the UCam comes equipped with a motion detecting system and technical support. This is a great buy for users who have owned a wireless camera previously, or has some technical proficiency. As a reminder, this unit operates best when it not left on every day, 24/7.

amcrest 720p ProHD Camera – IP2M-841 

The Amcrest Pro is an online best seller in dome cameras. The most expensive reviewed CCTV camera kit on this list, the Amcrest Pro is a stunning and advanced surveillance camera.


The Amcrest camera has a very easy mechanical setup. The instructions for the camera have proved useful and easy to understand to the majority of users. The video and image quality is bordering on a professional level, which is amazing for the cost.

The camera has very sensitive motion detection systems that impress most users. Accompanying software is ever more immense than the UCam, as the Amcrest allows for two way talk capability, this is a great feature for indoor security systems. Overall, this unit is very well made and highly durable.


The cons for the Amcrest are few but worth mentioning. Available cloud storage that comes with the camera only provides 4 hours of free storage, which isn’t much. If one wanted to save more footage, a monthly subscription is required.

The IT department are not very helpful in terms of product returns or troubleshooting. And the overall accompanying software is somewhat lacking and cumbersome. The implementation of the software is less than desired for the price of the product. The remote camera adjustments for the Amcrest’s view can also get a little hesitant and clumsy.


This camera comes equipped with HD 1080P Video at 30 frames per second. The Amcrest uses Cloud Video Recording Service, accompanied phone app, and streaming on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The camera has a limited 90 degree view angle, but a remote Pan/Tilt, Intelligent Digital Zoom, and infrared Night Vision for 32ft.

The Amcrest comes with two way talk, intelligent motion alerts, and email alerts. This device also comes with a 1 year warranty, and full technical support. With mostly pristine features, the only negative complaints come from the software and not the camera itself.

Best Video Cameras including Those you can Use Outdoor

You need the best cameras to use in your video surveillance system to protect your home. This system should allow you to physically film whatever happens inside your house without any hitches. Wired systems are available, yet wireless security cameras are easier to install and replace. These surveillance cameras also have the possibility to be motion activated.

This will help you to address storage problems because the device will only record when the motion sensor is activated, hence the data you need to keep is less which makes it more efficient. You can set up in many different ways according to your needs.

The core areas that you should make sure that you cover in your home should be the entrances and exits. These are the areas with the highest probabilities of intrusion.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System – 2 HD, 100% Wire-Free, Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision (VMS3230) by NETGEAR

Netgear offers up-to five cameras bundles (but you can decide to add more if you wish). These cctv security systems are completely wireless which means they can be easily installed. You can also easily change their positions if you realize you put them in the wrong order. They work in HD quality and provide night vision as an extra feature.

Something worth considering is that these cameras are completely waterproof which is good even for indoor cameras since they are protected in case of any accidents that may occur (it secures them from leak-related problems).

Some of the concerns expressed by some people who purchased it is that the cameras are in stand-by mode until they detect a movement of some kind. Apparently it takes a bit too long for them to start recording whenever they detect some object moving.

It will take an average of 90 seconds before it starts recording (that is not the only option of course) which can make you lose some 20% of the “action”. They also come only painted in white so you may have to find a proper place to somehow hide them from open view. However, just the sight of the cameras may deter some “would” be intruders.

If your home has a big or a small garden, having outdoor cameras can almost be considered a must. They give you full control to view and record everything that is happening all day long.

You can either choose the wired or wireless options. It matters not only to be able to see what happens, but also to secure enough storage in order to have a lot of footage recorded.

Amcrest 720P Tribrid HDCVI 8CH 2TB DVR Security Camera System w/ 4 x 1MP Bullet Cameras & 4 x 1MP Dome Cameras (White)

This camera set was made to cover almost each and every angle of your house. It includes 8 metal bullet cameras (1280 x 720) all featuring a 3.6mm lens and 75 degree viewing angle. One of the most fascinating abilities of this system is that it can be used on any web browser which include the PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This means that you are able to remotely control the cameras’ function and witness what is happening live. In fact, the uncompressed analog transmission in HD quality enables you to see everything that happens right when it happens.

You can save data up to 2 terabytes, which means 360 hours on 8 channels in 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. The recording time can of course be much longer if you decide to use motion detection, or scheduled recording.

This is an extremely high quality system that also provides night vision security cameras which means you can record 24/7 (a quality that helped many users). Even so, one specific con was able to get my attention: it is not a wireless system.

This usually happens when you need very high quality images yet it can be a real hassle for those of us not willing to spend a long time installing the system.

Nanny Cam

The last device to complete your home alarm system especially if you have children, are hidden cameras in the form of nanny cams. It is always hard to get to the point in which you need to buy a spy camera yet it may prove to be quite useful. Whether you have kids or a particularly active dog, the possibility to have the situation under control 24/7 even from your place of work or when you are on holiday, is reassuring. This is also one of the cheap home security cameras available in the market.

The so-called nanny cams were, as the name suggests, invented for parents who did not completely trust the person who spent time with their kids. It is understandable yet you should still check if you have the rights to videotape your nanny/house-keeper/dog-keeper. Remember to give a keen eye to audio recording laws as well, for it could lead to annoying legal problems.

Nest Cam Home Monitoring Camera

Nest created a fairly cheap and functioning device that can be used pretty much everywhere. It is not as small as one could expect, yet it only takes a bit of practice or a few attempts in order to make it completely invisible. It records in 1080 pixels HD Quality, which is great and promptly alerts you on your phone whenever it is needed. It also has microphones on it so that you can set it with both motion and sound alerts.

The most annoying feature about a nanny cam is the storage. Where do your recordings go? This is the downside of this specific camera. According to many consumers, the clouding system used by Nest has the tendency to be inefficient and to kind of change the rules a bit too often.

It is useless to go into details here since everybody’s got their own personal views on privacy matters, but if you decide to buy it, read cautiously whatever documentation they give you.

Best Burglar Alarm

First thing first: how does it work? Typically, a burglar alarm does not prevent thieves from entering your home but gets triggered when one of the access ways monitored gets opened. The idea used is similar to that of an electric circuit. There is a path between two points of opposite charge where the electricity flows.

To start or stop the flux of electricity, you open or close a part of that circuit. This means that if you have a closed-circuit system, it works as long as the doors stay shut. If you open the security doors, the circuit opens and that triggers the alarm.

The opposite is true with an open-circuit system. Of course there are many ways to build such circuits, one of the most used configurations is the wireless one. It is one of the most easiest types of configurations to put in place because you can set it up yourself without the help of an expert, or a technician.

This is the most basic way to detect intruders since it controls the access ways to your home. This is the first wall of defense you should think of whenever buying a home monitoring system because it secures the perimeters of your house.

Simplisafe 2 Wireless Home Monitoring System diy 8-piece Plus Package

This is a really interesting package which provides a wireless system with pre-programmed sensors. It is easy and fast to install and of course it does not require any technician coming to your house and have holes drilled somewhere along the walls. This system being already programmed, you only need to place the sensors wherever you need them, and the system is ready to go.

It comes with 26280 hours reliable batteries which is a big, big plus which can be modified at any time. This means that you can decide to start a “partial” control of your house’s perimeter, and then improve the system in order for it to be more efficient. Other than that, Simplisafe Wireless Home Monitoring System 8-piece Plus Package is a cheap yet safe way to protect your house because with only fifteen dollars a month, it offers you 24/7 Security. The price may not be attractive to you but the real question to ask is, what is your life worth?

Lastly but not least, there are some people who have found it a little bit tricky to install. It takes more than fifteen minutes and an adequate level of attention to finish out the installation. Other people who have bought and used the product say that it is a bit too weak which maybe a problem. However, i believe the main and most interesting function of this device resides in the almost cost-free 24/7 telephone monitoring.

Fire alarm

The second most important feature that your home monitoring or surveillance system must have is a fire alarm. Many people especially in the last few years, have not  been taking the issue of installing fire alarms seriously.

You will find that in most cases at least in the United States, fire alarms are installed in houses. However, not a lot of people also confirm that the alarms are working when they move in. It is always prudent to check that the alarm system is working when you move or switch houses.

There are two kinds of fire alarms: the ionization alarms and the photoelectric ones. Some people prefer the ionization type while other prefer the photoelectric ones.

The main difference though is that ionization smoke alarms are usually more responsive to flaming fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms on the other hand respond better to fires that have a longer period of smoldering. In any case a smoke alarm is a relatively simple device, and the price is also not that high. It may be tiny but it saves hundreds of people every year and that is why it is vital to choose the right one.

Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning

This alarm’s most interesting feature is the Voice Warning. This will enable you to react faster when imminent danger is detected. The Voice gives you advice about what kind of danger is present. This device will warn you when a smoke or carbon monoxide leak occurs. It uses batteries therefore you can install it without the use of messy cables criss-crossing your house.

Another advantage is that it still works in case of a power outage. It is an ionization-sensing alarm which is able to detect invisible fire particles much more faster than the photoelectric alarms.

The guys at Kidde still  strongly recommend it to be used along with a photoelectric device in order to obtain the maximum protection. This is one of the cons often pointed out by users.

It is quite helpful because of  the type of signal it gives you in case of fire (there are actually a couple pretty interesting users’ reviews that describe situations in which the alarm went off), although it is advisable to “help” it with another device.

These reviews are not extensive reviews in the least. Before making your decision, it is important to further review your choices. Everyone’s needs and reasons for utilizing CCTV cameras are unique. Consider all the pros and cons and choose the camera that best fits your needs

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