Top 5 Washing Machines In The UK 2018

Best Washing Machines In The UK Market Today – Updated List For January 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A Washer dryer is an important accessory in any home and choosing the best one to buy is not an easy task. This is because there are a number of washer dryers in the market today, and that has posed a challenge to many homeowners. Click Here If you are in a bit of a rush and need to order the best washer dryer in the UK

One thing you should consider when buying a washer dryer is to choose the one that will serve you for a long period with very little maintenance cost. This review will help you make an informed decision if you’re planning to purchase a good washer dryer that will serve your family for many days to come. The following are five best washer dryers that you will find today, read on to know their pros and cons.

White Knight Tumble Dryer Review – 28009W Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 2800rpm 4.1kg

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White knight 28009W drain spin dryer 2800rpm is one of the best washer dryers in the uk that helps you to clean up your washing load fast, it is also economical when it comes to power consumption. This machine is quite easy to move around and will suit your home if you have a limited space. You can buy it from a local store or from online shops.


It weighs 4.1kgs and a spin speed of 2800rpm. This equipment uses gravity to drain the washing load. The lid uses the safety locking lid and it is made of stainless steel. It comes with a manual which will help you on how to use it.


The size of this washer dryer makes it easy for you to fit it in a limited space in your house. When spinning it is quite silent which makes it quite suitable to be used in homes where there are young kids. White knight drain spin dryer does not consume a lot of electric power hence you are assured that your electricity bills will not shoot up.

When drying the washing load, your clothes will come out almost dry since it spins up to 2800rpm, this makes your life quite easy especially if you live in cold areas. The drying time for your laundry is reduced. The spinning and tumble drying of the clothes takes very little time and you end up saving time when doing laundry.


White knight spin dryer has a small capacity of about 4.1kgs, therefore it is cannot accommodate large laundry. You will have to split the washing load so that they can fit into it. The other con with this wash dryer is that the cable is 1m 70cm long which means it is quite short. You will have to carry it near the switch and it is quite easy since it is not that heavy.

White Knight 37AW Tumble Dryer

This equipment is perfect for anyone who lives in a small house or apartment where space is limited. If you also want to time on how long you should do the laundry this machine comes with a timer and two heat settings. It produces very low noise levels and has a light which helps you see the spinning. You can order this washer dryer from an online store or from your local electronic shop.


The construction is a freestanding one and it has timing that you have control on the drying process. The dryer has a feature that can show you the amount of time that is remaining. The machine utilizes electricity as the heating system. White knight 37AW tumble dryer has a capacity of 3kgs and a height of 67cm, while it’s width is about 50cm. It is a ventilation type of washer dryer and the loading is done in front. Opening its door will make the machine to stop automatically and shutting its door the machine will restart. The washer dryer also has a filter that helps to filter lint and fluff from the clothes.


It is very easy to use this washer dryer since it comes with a manual that guides you through. Due to its small size it is useful to people whose space efficiency is quite important. It is also light and small meaning that you can easily carry it around whenever you need to move it. You can load it from the front and the door flips open easily which makes your laundry an easy process. The door stays open when drying your laundry and that makes it easy to monitor the dying process.

There dials that help you to choose the time the laundry should take, the timing can go to a maximum of 120 minutes. The wash dryer has a filter that help to collect all the dirt that comes from the clothes this will help avoid clog the machine. The energy rating for the machine is D and very little nose is produced from the machine.


The machine has a small capacity of load of up to 3kgs, which means you have to divide your laundry in order to fit into the machine.
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LG F1296TDA5 6 Motion Direct Drive 8kg 1200rpm Freestanding

If you are looking for quality regardless of the price, then this is the washer that you’re looking for. It will cost you extra cash, but you cannot trade the features and benefits you will enjoy. You will also get to enjoy warranty and hence you are assured of the quality. If you love enjoying some peace and quiet when doing laundry then this is what you should get yourself.


The machine weighs about 71kg and has a capacity of 8kgs. It has a spinning capacity of 1200rpm and has a construction of freestanding. It is silver in color making it easy to blend in any house.


This dryer does not produce any noise when carrying out the cleaning which makes it stand out from many other washer dryers. You will get to enjoy a two year warranty twhich gives you confidence on the product. The machine can do the diagnosis automatically which helps you to do other things while carrying out your laundry. After the washing is done you will be notified by a certain tune.

If you are quite conscious with your home décor, then this washer dryer is quite stylish which means it will add a sense of style to your home. This equipment is not cheap but hey remember cheap is expensive and you are assured of the quality. It is quite easy to use since the manual uses simple language and it will guide you on how to operate it. The washing cycles are quite good that the clothes come out when they are clean. This is because the functions are great and the drive is direct. This makes it easy for you to use unlike other wash dryers.


This machine is mainly suitable for a person who has a big house since it take a lot of space.
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Good Ideas New XL Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 4.6kg Washer and dryer

This is a very new product in the market which has a 4.6kgs washing capacity and a drying capacity of 3.5kgs. This twin tub washing machine is suitable for people who have a limited space. This dryer also has an automatic switch which works after every timed program is finished. The machine also pumps waste water from the washer and the dryer. Another unique thing with this feature is that you can use the washer at the same time while using the spin dryer. Read on to know more of this wash dryer.


This washer dryer is quite portable and can be a carried around with ease. It measures 73*64.5*37* and weighs about 12.75kg when it is empty. It has a pump that helps in pumping waste water from the machine. It has an automatic switch and a semi-automatic pulse. It also has a reverse wash action and gentle cycle option.


If you live in a house where the space is quite limited and you want to save on your limited space, then this is the washer dryer that you should get. It is quite light weighed therefore you can carry it around the house without any assistance. It is quite easy to use the machine since it comes with a manual that will help you on how to use it.

The tumble dry is quite efficient since the hanging time outdoor is quite reduced this is because the spinner really dries the clothes. You can set the laundry time and after the laundry is time is up the switch will go off this is the benefit of the automatic switch feature.

The washing time is quite less it takes about 15 minutes to do laundry and the spinning only takes 2 minutes. This will help you to save on time and the laundry capacity. The clothes do not come out of the machine with tangles. You also have to choose which type of washing you want to be carried out.


If you want a machine that will blend comfortably with your house décor, well this machine has a hose looks flimsy but it does the job that is intended to do. This is because the pipes are quite thin but they are durable. Water will spill when you are transferring the clothes from wash to the spin. For this you need to have a mat or something that will prevent the water from flowing. You will have to hold the hose pipe when draining or rinsing the clothes so that water can flow.

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Russell Hobbs RHWD861400B

If you want to have a stylish washer dryer, then Russell Hobbs RHWD861400B is the best choice for you. It is black in color which makes it to blend well with any house décor. It has a large capacity drum that makes it easy to do a huge washing load without splitting into portions. If you have children running around in the house their safety is assured since the wash dryer has child safety lock program.


This washer dryer has been rated as Energy A and it has a capacity of 8kgs. The maximum spinning speed is 1400rpm with a large PC door. It has a15 different programs and a delay timer. It has a height of 84.50 cm and a width of 59.70 cm


Russell Hobbs RHWD861400B has an outstanding spinning performance of 1400rpm and at the same time you are assured that you are saving on energy. This is because it has been ranked as A energy efficiency, this is the highest rate that has been given to any washer dryer. The dry tumbler is quite efficient since dry time is reduced tremendously.

You will be able to save on space when using this wash dryer since it has the different units fixed into one. The machine will help you to reduce the laundry load since it can handle up to 8 kgs of washing load and dry up to 6 kgs. You will save on time since you will not have to split the washing load. The different 15 programs will help you choose the amount of heat and time you want the laundry to take place. It is easy to set the different programs since there is a digital display that shows what is taking place.


The noise produced by the machine can be a bit irritating; therefore you may need to put a thick mat under it to reduce the noise. The machine is quite heavy and it might be hard for one to carry it around when you want to move it. The size is a big for anyone who is trying to save on space or anyone who is living in a small house. The machine is quite labor intensive since there should be a person who should be around to feed the spin. Therefore the day you doing the laundry you need to be not so busy so that you monitor the washing process.

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The above list of washer dryers will give you a clue of what to look out for when you go shopping for a dryer next time. You can decide to choose from one of the washer dryers stated above since they are currently rated to be the best. The benefit of these washer dryers is that you can buy anyone of them online or from your local electronic store. You can read some of the customers’ reviews to get to know other people experiences with these washing machines

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