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Here Are The Best Washing Machines On The Market Today Updated List For 2018 that can be Shipped Worldwide – Best Buyer’s Guide

If you are like most people i know, you are not a huge fan of laundry. It is a tricky affair that takes a lot of effort and time. However, i am very grateful for the person who invented the washing machine. They saved you and me a lot of stress and time. There are so many washing machines out there in the market and it can be very confusing in selecting a washer and dryer that can fit your requirements. That is why i have made an effort to dig deep and test out both stackable and combined. These are the latest and most reliable models available.

They can be shipped to any part of the world including the UK and the US. I also have made sure to link you to the best place to buy after each review. Just go through the reviews  below before you make your choice.

Best High End Washing Machine – Top load washer and dryer reviews

If you are interested in getting the best high end washing machine, you should consider going for the LG pair special laundry system.

Advantages of The LG Pair Special Laundry System

  • It has stainless steel drums which are long lasting and will ensure that no rust gets on your clothes.
  • If you are looking for the best energy efficient washer and dryer, this is it.
  • The dryer comes with a sensor program that is powered by steam which will ensure that your clothes dry off effectively without ruining their quality.
  • It also comes with a high capacity washer that has various programs for you depending on your needs. If you want to wash some heavy clothing, just choose the Turbo Wash program. If you have some under garments, just select the Oxi-Sanitize program and it will ensure that they are washed and sanitized to your satisfaction.
  • It is large enough to wash and dry items such as dog beds. The doors on the dryer also open either left or right, so you will not have a problem handling it.
  • If you are looking for tumble dryers reviews, then look no further because with the wrinkle free setting put on, it will tumble your laundry from the washer to the dryer at intervals of upto 3 hours. therefore your clothes will come out wrinkle free and looking lovely.

Disadvantages of LG Pair Special Laundry System

  • You need to have your own hot and cold hose installed because it does not come loaded with them.
  • They are much bigger than they look so if you have limited space, it may pose a challenge to install them.
  • It does not come with an agitator, therefore if you have some heavily soiled clothes, you need to know how to increase the water in the machine to avoid getting bad results.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Customers reactions are mixed on this item. You will need to go through them to see whether this is the item for you.


Best front load washer and dryer reviews

If you are looking for the best front load washer and dryer or lg combination washer dryer, then you should consider the LG Graphite 5.1 cubic meter washer and dryer. It is also a high end washer and dryer that has the following pros and cons.

Pros Of The LG Graphite

  • They come with pedestals so that you do not have to bend so low to place and to retrieve your washing.
  • It comes with a huge 9 foot mega capacity dryer that can hold a lot of laundry at one time. In fact, it can hold an entire set of King sized bedding in one go.
  • Real steam is generated from the TrueSteam technology installed in the machine. Therefore you can be assured that your laundry will have less wrinkles and odors.
  • If you want to handle larger loads on limited periods of time, you can engage the TurboWash technology which allows you to save up to 20 minutes while still maintaining the  cleaning performance.

Cons Of This Laundry Machine

  • This is a high end washer and dryer that may be out of reach of some people’s budget.
  • It is a very big machine that may not fit into the average doorway. You need to measure your doorway to ensure that it will fit.
  • It currently has the electric version only.
  • You may have a problem installing them on your own because of some complications with the mounts.

Customer Reviews

There are over 40 customer reviews from satisfied customers and also those who had some minor problems with it.


Best Energy efficient washer and dryer

If you are looking for an energy efficient washer and dryer, then you should consider the Maytag Maxima XL front loading steam washer and dryer or the alternative which is the maytag stackable washer and dryer.

This is the Maytag Maxima XL below

Advantages of the Maytag Maxima

  • It is energy efficient
  • There is steam technology in both the washer and the dryer which means that your clothes will get extra gentle cleaning.
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty on selected parts which ensures that you have a back up in case yours crashes.
  • There are various settings such as the wrinkle prevent option, the custom refresh steam cycle option and the reduce static option that will ensure that your clothes are ready to wear when they are out of the machine.
  • It has an electric option and a gas option


  • It does not have an internal heater
  • You will need to get a 4 prong power cord that is not included
  • Some of the washing and drying cycles take a lot of time because there is no option to speed the process up.

Customer Reviews and Ratings on the machine

Generally, there is a good reception on it because of the 10 year warranty and its performance.

Stackable Washer Dryer Reviews

If you are looking for another stacking option from Maytag, then click the image below to see the full product reviews;

The maytag product that you have just read about is the small version of the previous example above it. There are limited features on it because it is designed to be stackable. Therefore you just buy one side of the combo. This is ideal for those who have limited space in their house.

If you want to buy a complete set of a stackable washer and dryer, then you can go for the Samsung washer dryer combo below;

The Samsung WF56H9100AG + DV56H9100EG 5.6 cu ft Washer and Electric Dryer

Advantages of The Samsung WF56H9100AG + DV56H9100EG 5.6 cu ft Washer and Electric Dryer

  • It can wash 4 laundry baskets in a single load
  • It comes with vibration reduction technology so that you can use it comfortably upstairs.

Disadvantages Of This Samsung Washer Dryer Combo

  • You have to clean out the filter once a month. When you screw it open, it lets out huge amounts of water out so you have to be prepared with a towel or mop.
  • The electronic timer can sometimes fail
  • The customer service is not as good, therefore you will have to spend a lot of time to get support for it.

Consumer Reviews

There is a lot of disappointment from the customers who bought this machine.

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