Luxury, High End Massage Chair Reviews

A Comprehensive Review of Professional, High End Massage Chairs For Sale

As the name suggests, a massage chair is a portable chair for having an effective massage to alleviate various pains from the body. These chairs may be traditional or robotic.

A traditional massage chair offers users access to their head, back, and shoulders. A robotic massage chair is also intended for doing massages using motors and vibrators.

Any high end massage chair, whether it is traditional or robotic, will offer users, the required comfort during the massage. Nowadays, using massage chairs for back pain relief has become more common amid health conscious men and women. Any best massage chair should offer the real value for your money, as well.

Why should you use a luxury massage chair?

Before considering professional massage chairs for sale, it is better to know their benefits. This will allow you to choose one to achieve your pain relieving goals. As a professional massage by hands alleviates your back pain, the best back massage chair will offer you the required relaxation by relieving your back pain.

Another benefit of owning a high end massage chair is that you can have your massage in the comfort of your home. This means that you can relax whenever you feel back pain with great convenience.

Some of the other health benefits you will get by using a luxury massage chair include:

v It will improve the blood flow in your body and will clear toxins from your body.

v Any will reduce your stress and will improve the flexibility of your body.

v A good massage chair will increase the levels of endorphin in your body, thereby, offering better relief from anxiety as well as from pain quickly and effectively.

Any best back massage chair will relax you both physically as well as mentally. This will aid you greatly in reducing the common symptoms of your back pain.

Choosing the best luxury massage chair

Now, you are familiar with the benefits of owning a luxury massage chair. Therefore, next is the time to choose the best one to suit your health needs and budget. Choosing the best one is not a difficult task if you go through massage chair reviews of two best ones, featured in this article. This article will effectively guide you in choosing one that will best suit your pain relieving needs as well as your budget.

1. Review of Full Body MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair from RELAXONCHAIR

Overview of the chair

This Shiatsu Massage Chair from RELAXONCHAIR is the most effective and affordable way to release your stress, weariness, as well as intolerable pains from your body. This shiatsu massage recliner comes incorporated with a back heating system.

It uses carbon fiber as a heating resource, so you can get a constant and quick heating function. The chair also comes with 20 airbags to offer you an ultimate massage experience.

The shiatsu footplate of the product will offer you a relaxing massage experience for your front, heel, back as well as for your Achilles tendon.

It is an ideal and affordable substitute to visiting an expensive message therapist to get your pain alleviated. This is the second best Shiatsu massage recliner reviewed in this article, as it earns the user rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Notable features of the MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage recliner 

The MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair offers you the message similar to that of the recliner chairs massage. It comes with an ergonomic design to offer a perfect fit for users of all body shapes and sizes. The chair also comes with extendable leg feature, so you can extend your leg to a maximum length of 8 inches.

This is really a notable beneficial feature for taller people. Moreover, RELAXONCHAIR designs this best massage chair with the space saving technology, so it will occupy less space in your home. Some of the other innovative features of this luxury massage chair include:

Three Zero Gravity positions

Keeping your legs positioned comfortably will improve your overall health. This is what this rocking recliner massage chair does. The chair comes with a helpful three-stage Zero Gravity positions. This means that it functions in three effective ways to offer you the required relaxation.

The positions will eliminate the pressure and strain from the vertebrae in your spine. Then, the chair slides forward while its headrest descends. This will improve the health of your heart, as well, alleviating your body strain.

Helpful Rail design

The rail of the best back massage chair from RELAXONCHAIR comes with the handy S-Shape design. This will make the chair to offer you a comfortable fit, according to your body curves. This allows you to have an immense relaxation naturally.

Furthermore, the S-shape rail design of the chair not only offers an effective and comfortable massage to your spine, but also a great relief to your buttock pain. This feature makes this massage chair an effective deep tissue massage chair to offer an all-inclusive massage experience.

Lightweight heating pads

The most modern feature of this Shiatsu massage recliner is its back heating pads. They are made of durable carbon fiber, which offers the pads the required strength and a long-lasting life. Furthermore, it allows the pad to offer you quick heating with extra stability.

Adequate shoulder height adaptation

The manufacturer designs this luxury massage chair with an enough shoulder adjustment feature. The chair comes with ten different height adjustments. This will allow you to use the chair effectively according to the height of your body.

Adequate airbags 

This zero gravity massage chair acts as a powerful and useful deep tissue massage chair, as it comes with the deep air massage system. This means that you will get enough airbags around your hands, arms, and legs. This will allow you to get a customized massage effect with the self-regulating power control.

Customized programs

The Full Body MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is considered one of the best massage chairs available on the market. This is because it comes with five customizable programs, such as Kneading, Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, as well as with the combination of Tapping and Kneading.

These are the 20-minute running programs that allow you to customize the intensity of air pressure, width, as well as the speed. You can also save your customized programs and can use them whenever you want.

Pros of the chair

v Ergonomic design.

v Three-stage zero gravity positions.

v Five handy programs.

v Durable carbon fiber heating pads.

v Handy S-Shape rail design.

v Adequate airbags for back, heel, front, as well as for Achilles tendon.

v Five-year warranty.

Cons of the chair

v Does not come with feet rollers.

v The chair does not come with an instruction manual.

Final verdict

At an affordable price, the MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with a plethora of beneficial features. Moreover, it offers a relaxing massage to your whole body.

The comfortable seats, S-shape rail design, three-stage zero gravity positions, five automatic programs with the saving feature, attractive warranty, etc., make this luxury massage chair the most sought after one amid those who want an enjoyable massage experience.

Moreover, as the pros of the chair outweigh its cons, you can rest guaranteed that you would get the real worth of your money spent on buying this Shiatsu massage recliner.

2. Review of EP-MA73KU Black Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige Luxury Heated Massage Chair from Panasonic

Overview of the chair

The EP-MA73KU Black Luxury Heated Massage Chair from Panasonic offers you the real massage experience. This is because it mirrors the massage offered by an expert massage therapist by combining the Thermal Massage expertise with the stretching methods of the expert massage.

It is a high end massage chair, which offers the ultimate comfort during the massage. This means that you can easily stretch, alleviate, and repair your strained as well as your weary muscles. You can move the thermal rollers of the chair in many directions. This will allow you to relax your stressed muscles in your neck, back, and shoulders easily and effectively.

The Shiatsu thermal foot massage feature of the chair allows you to relax your tired feet. You can even get the required relief from tension in your hands and forearms, as it comes with the palm as well as with the arm massage feature.

This is the most sought after massage chair amid those, seeking for a maximum combination of ultra massage, knead, Swedish, Shiatsu as well as with the combination of tapping and rolling. This is the best massage chair between the two chairs reviewed in this article, as it earns the consumer rating of 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Innovative features of the chair

Panasonic offers many professional massage chairs for sale among which the EP-MA73KU luxury massage chair occupies the top position. This is for the reason that the manufacturer designs the chair by keeping the pain alleviating needs of users in mind. As a result, you can expect a plethora of health features from this message chair. Some of the groundbreaking features of the chair include:

It offers the required comfort to your whole body during the massage.

Panasonic upholsters this massage chair with the high-quality artificial leather to offer the maximum flexibility. This offers the ultimate comfort to your body during the massage. Furthermore, the chair is capable of offering the real benefits of stimulating massage treatment techniques. You can get the feel of hot-stone massage treatment, as well.

The chair offers you full body replenishment

The Black Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige Luxury Heated Massage Chair comes with the effective massage rollers. Moving these rollers in several directions will alleviate the tensed muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, calves, feet, and hands effectively.

Moreover, these double-heated rollers operate together to stretch, ease, and relax your stressed, weary muscles easily and quickly. As you can move these rollers in several directions, you will get an increased blood flow, as well.

The chair comes with a performance-oriented motor

The exceptional 3D Kneading system with the high-performance motor of the chair allows the relaxing massage rollers to move from front to back, up and down, as well as from left to right. As a result, you will get the maximum body relaxation and increased blood circulation. Thus, you can improve your overall health.

The Luxury Heated Massage Chair from Panasonic comes with Junetsu massage techniques

The kneading rollers of the chair offer you an enjoyable massage experience similar to that of the relaxing Junetsu massage. As the ultra-fine rollers offer you the massage in a circular fashion, you can quickly loosen your rigid muscles. The rollers also invigorate your exhausted muscles effectively in a natural way.

The high end massage chair comes with ten diverse manipulation programs. 

At an affordable price, you will get this luxury massage chair with ten massage programs. This will allow you to choose one according to your massage and relaxation needs. Through these kneading programs, you can massage almost all parts of your body. These programs include:

1. 3D Neck massage.

2. Neck Massage.

3. Side Neck Massage.

4. Upper Back Vertical Massage.

5. Shoulder Massage.

6. Upper Back High-Speed Massage.

7. Lower Back Vertical Massage.

8. Middle Back Massage.

9. Waist Massage.

10. Full Back Pressure Massage.

Using these 10 massage programs, you will be capable of targeting the pressure points in your neck and back to get the required stimulating energy.

The massage chair comes with the Full-Body Air Bag Massage as well as with the Dual Zone Heated Massage systems.

The Full-Body Air Bag Massage system of the chair extends deep into your muscle tissues through its air cells. This will improve your blood circulation as well as your body flexibility.

Simultaneously, it will offer you the required relaxation by releasing the strain in your shoulders, palms, arms, hips, glutes, thighs, legs, calves, as well as in your feet.

On the other hand, the Dual Zone Heated Massage system comes incorporated with the thermal massage rollers. They will produce relaxing heat to unwind your painful, stressed muscles from your head to your toes.

The innovative Shiatsu Heated Foot Massage feature of the chair assists you greatly in alleviating the rigidity in your soaring feet by combining the heat with the relaxing pressure.

The Panasonic luxury massage chair offers you an individualized massage therapy

Panasonic designs the EP-MA73KU with the patented body scan technology. As a result, this sophisticated massage chair scans and generates a map of your back using the pressure sensors.

This allows the massage rollers of the chair to move along your back accurately. Thus, you will get an individualized massage, which is customized according to the distinctive curves of your back.

The product comes with the six preset automatic massage programs

The massage chair allows you to focus on the specific parts of your body to get the relaxing massage. This is because it comes with six pre-programmed massage programs to relax the specific parts of your body.

You can choose your preferred programs to relax your distressing shoulders, neck, as well as to relax your lower back. There are also auto massage programs for your full back, counting deep, Shiatsu, stretch as well as Swedish. You can also choose your preferred massage programs manually according to your needs.

Pros of the chair

v Offers the massage similar to that of a professional massage therapist.

v Alleviates pain from different parts of the body.

v Ten relaxing Junetsu massage methods.

v Relaxing 3-D massage system.

v Six automatic massage programs.

Cons of the chair

v The chair does not come with spare parts.

v No suitable for those more than six feet tall.

Final verdict

The EP-MA73 luxury massage chair from is currently the best therapeutic chair available on the market. It is the ideal product to offer you the required relaxation as well as to improve your overall health. It offers you a comfortable and relaxing massage experience, as it comes upholstered with the premium black vegan leather.

Whether you want to alleviate pain from your back, neck, as well as from your shoulders to calves, hands, and feet, you will get the required relaxation from the multi-directional rollers of the chair. Furthermore, the chair is capable of increasing the blood circulation as well as stretching, soothing, and relaxing your stressed, weary muscles in a safe and natural way.

Moreover, you can choose your preferred massage technique from the available ones, such as ultra knead, Swedish knead, Shiatsu, knead, or rolling knead. In addition, from besieged body areas, such as the neck, middle back, shoulder, lower back or complete back to the full body, you can customize your massage needs with the maximum of 110 diverse groupings of your body areas and massage techniques.

Above all, this luxury massage chair comes incorporated with durable wheels. This will allow you to move the product anywhere in your home easily and quickly. When the chair is not in use, the comfortable, stylish design of this rocking recliner massage chair will blend easily with the other interior décor of your home, as well.


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