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Best Leg Massager Reviews 2017

In this hectic world, nobody has enough time to care for his or her body health. If you are one among such people, you will most likely feel pain in your body parts, particularly in your legs and feet when you strain your body excessively.

Consequently, you will meet an expensive physician or a massage therapist to treat the condition.

Do you know you can effectively treat your leg and foot pain in an affordable way in the comfort of your home? Yes, you can by owning a quality leg massager.

However, you have to do a little bit homework while looking for the best leg massagers. This includes reading leg massagers reviews, comparing the cost of different models, getting suggestions from your friends and family to name a few.

However, if you read this article, choosing one will really a breeze. This is because this article is featured with an unbiased and comprehensive leg massager review of three best massagers currently available on the market. Make the most of this article to narrow down your hunt for best leg massagers.

Review of the three best leg massagers

1. Review of Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager from Air Relax

Overview of the leg massager

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Air Relax is a medically proven as well as an FDA-approved massager. It is the most sought after device amid people, suffering from acute leg and foot pain. Although it is costly when compared to other analogous massagers, it will offer you better results. It comes with adequate modes to alleviate the pain effectively from various parts of your leg and foot.

The massager comes with a durable bag with a zipper to keep the product safely. If you go through the leg massagers reviews of this leg massager, you will know the real health benefits of the product. Most customers rate this Air Relax leg massager with 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Innovative features of the leg massager

Although expensive, Air Relax designs this leg massager with a bounty of beneficial features. The massager not only relieves the pain from your calves, but it will also offer you the necessary relief from your soaring ankles, feet, as well as from your mid-thighs. Some of the other modern features of the product include:

Adaptable design

The leg massager comes with an ergonomic and adaptable design to offer a perfect fit for the foot of all sizes. It comes with a sequential compression set and four chambers. It offers a perfect fit for those having an 18-inch diameter mid-calf, 20-inch diameter knees, and a 24-inch diameter mid-thigh.

You can even customize the massager if you have wider legs. This adaptability makes this device a perfect all-in-one massager. The 15-minute auto shut off feature of the massager allows you to use the product safely.

Helpful and enough massage modes

The Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager from Air Relax comes with four diverse and handy massage modes, such as Sequential, Peristaltic, Massage, as well as an Automatic Massage mode, which is the combination of Sequential and Peristaltic modes. This will allow you to choose your preferred mode according to your massage needs and the severity of your pain.

Effective blood and lymphatic circulation recuperation system

The state-of-the-art blood and lymphatic circulation recuperation system of the leg massager assists you greatly in improving the blood flow as well as the lymphatic circulation in your body. This will assist you considerably in preventing and treating a variety of pains in your leg and foot effectively.

Perfect boot size

Air Relax designs the leg massager with the standard boot size of 30 inches. The product also comes with four pressure adjustments levels, so you can choose your preferred pressure level according to your needs.

Simple to use

The leg massager is simple to use, as you can use your domestic power outlet to operate the product.

Pros of the leg massager

v Four dissimilar massage modes.
v Customizable pressure settings.
v Easy maneuverability.
v 15-second inflating and deflating feature.
v Durable case with zipper.

Cons of the leg massager

v Comes with one year warranty only

Final verdict

Air Relax offers the Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager with a plethora of beneficial features at an affordable price.

The flexible design, simple-to-use feature, quick inflating and deflating feature, perfect inseam boot size, durable case, etc., make the massager the ideal product for those expecting an all-in-one product.

Moreover, the optimistic leg massager review of this product further substantiates that it is a highly recommended product to ease different distressing leg and foot pains.

2. Review of Reflex-4 Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager from Human Touch

The foot and calf Shiatsu massager from Human Touch is a perfect device for those, seeking a leg massager with an adaptable tilt base. This is because this massager assists users greatly in offering a good posture to their calves.

This is the most flexible massager to accommodate legs of all sizes. It happens to be an ideal product to refresh every morning and alleviate your soaring muscles after a standing and walking on your feet for a longer period.

It not only offers a speedy relief for your aching feet and ankles, but it also eases soreness due to fibromyalgia, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, as well as due to stress. The product receives the consumer rating of 4.2 tars out of 5.0 stars.

Notable features of the product

Figure-8 technology

Human Touch designs this foot and calf Shiatsu massager with the original Figure-eight expertise. This makes your blood flow move upwards towards your heart through its rolling, upward, or wave-like movement. Thus, your calves and feet are refreshed with the new, nutrient-packed blood, increasing the curative process.

Highly developed 3D automatic system

Another notable feature of this massager is that the manufacturer designs it with the original Circulation technology. It is a simple system that offers you a real massage experience similar to the one offered by a professional massage therapist.

Easily washable and detachable sleeves

The leg massager comes with fabric liners, known as sleeves. You can easily detach and wash these sleeves. This allows you and your family members to use the product repetitively.

Effective foot massage rollers

You can have a relaxing foot massage, as the feet massage rollers of the massager come in reflexology style. This means that you will get immense relief from your weary heel and sole during the massage.

Non-skid ground protectors and incorporated handle

Another beneficial, as well as a safety feature of this Human Touch Foot and Calf is its non-slip ground protectors and an included handle. The protectors will assist greatly in reducing the noise while you are using the massager. The durable handle of the product allows you to carry the massager anywhere in your home easily and safely.

Pros of the massager

v Figure-8 expertise.
v Easy-to-maintain sleeves.
v Sophisticated 3D automatic system.
v Strong handle and anti-slip protectors.
v One-year warranty.

Cons of the massager

v The massager does not come with a heating system.

Final verdict

Human Touch offers the foot and calf Shiatsu massager with many upgrades when compared to earlier models. Moreover, the patented Figure-8 technology, refined 3D auto system, sturdy handle, anti-skid protection, etc., make the massager a perfect pain-relieving device. If you are seeking a leg massager with a tilt base for your long legs, then this product from Human Touch is your best bet.

3. Review of Shiatsu Kneading Red Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Leg Calf Massager from ZENY

This Foot Leg Calf Massager from ZENY offers you the maximum relaxation and comfort, similar to those of a full healing massage. This is because you can have an enjoyable massage experience similar to the one offered by a professional massage therapist.

The product not only massages your foot, but it also offers the required relaxation from your soaring calves. It is also capable of warming your feet. Through a simple touch of a switch, you will be capable of melting your distressing pain away. You will get a warm relaxing feeling, as well.

Features of the ZENY leg massager

The ZENY leg and calf massager comes with eight massage discs, three levels of intensity, three vibration levels, as well as with the heating option.

The product is designed to offer you the required ease to all parts of your calves and feet. It is capable of stimulating the responsive points of the calf area and releasing strain through your foot nerves. Simultaneously, it offers stimulating massage to your feet, calves and ankles.

The massager comes with three different massage modes, such as rolling, vibration, as well with the kneading mode. This allows you to choose your preferred technique according to the area of your legs and the severity of your pain.

The frame of the product comes equipped with sturdy and durable handles for easy transportation.

The leg and calf massager also comes with foot cover. You can remove the cover easily for washing.

The ergonomic and the compact design of this ZENY leg massager allow you to store the product easily after its use.

Pros of the massager

v Alleviates pain from all parts of the leg and calf.
v Ergonomic design.
v Compact size.
v Three useful massage modes.
v Strong handles.

Cons of the massager

v It does not come with enough padding or cushion.
v Sometimes creates noise during the massage.

Final verdict

The Red color three-mode leg massager from ZENY is designed to activate joints for the greatest relaxation. The product offers you an Infrared heat treatment to improve your blood circulation as well as your metabolism.

Besides offering a relaxing massage to your feet, calves, and ankles, the device kindles the sensitive points in your calf and releases the strain. If you want to get an improved blood flow and metabolism, buying this ZENY leg massager is a shrewd and lucrative option.

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