Top 5 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs Reviews in the UK & US For 2018

Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chairs Reviews That Offer The Best Value For Your Money

It is quite normal to seek some rest after a hectic day. Although there are several ways to do this, getting massaged is usually one of the best ways to relax.

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Review of 2017 model SAMSARA Massage Chair – Black from Global Relax U.K The 2017 model SAMSARA Massage Chair is the most sought after product amid people who want to buy an attractive chair with the features similar to the luxurious models.

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It comes with an effective massage system with adequate massage heads at an affordable price. It comes armed with automatic as well as with manual massage programs.

You can customize the speed and the width of the massage according to your needs. It is also suitable for those who have limited space in their home, as it comes with a compact size.

The latest included feature of the product is that it comes with a USB and charging ports.

This allows you to enjoy your favorite music and to charge your smartphones while relaxing on the chair. These state-of-the-art features make the product to occupy the top position in the best massage chair reviews.

Features of the chair

Eye-catching design: Global Relax U.K. launches the new model SAMSARA Massage Chair with a striking design. It is designed to allow you to enjoy the pressure and the SHIATSU massage. This will offer you the maximum comfort and relaxation to any part of your body you need.

The Auto-off feature of the product stops its function automatically once you complete your massage program.

The right armrest of the chair comes attached with an LCD control panel with on and off keys. This will allow you to end the massage programs easily and quickly. It also comes with sturdy rear wheels to allow you to move the chair easily to your desired position.

Ergonomic massage system: The 2017 model massage chair comes equipped with an ergonomic 2D-SHIATSU massage system. The L-shaped back and the seat will offer you a comfortable seating to get the maximum relaxation.

The system comes with four massage heads of different intensities. It also allows you to have six kinds of massage, such as Amasar, Hitch, Repicar, Burn & Repicar, Shiatsu, and Stretch.

Handy massage programs: Another major beneficial feature of the black SAMSARA massage chair is that it comes with six automatic as well as with three manual massage programs.

The automatic programs include Complete, Shoulder and Neck, Dorsal and Lumbar, Comfort, Acupression, as well as Circulation Activation.

The three manual programs include Fixed Points, Partial, and Complete. You can also customize your massage programs up to three widths and three speeds. You can manually store a maximum of two programs, as well.

Adequate massage modes: The massage chair from Global Relax U.K. comes with five massage modes. These massage modes include Shiatsu, Flapping, Kneading, Tapping, and instantaneous Flapping/ Kneading.

Helpful firmness massage system: The product comes with a useful and effective Airbags firmness massage system, eight air valves, and an injector.

The system consists of 28 airbags and they are shared to offer the necessary relaxation to your different body parts. Accordingly, four airbags are intended for your shoulders, eight for your legs, eight for your arms, and 8 airbags for your buttock.

Zero gravity feature: Another notable feature of the massage chair is its zero-space security system. The system will allow you to attain the 118-degree reclining position with great ease. This means that you can use the chair easily and effectively, even if you have a small space in your home.

Pros of the chair

v Four massage head 2D system.

v Sufficient massage modes.

v Six automatic and three manual programs.

v Airbag massage system with 28 airbags.

v Back heat massage system.

v Elite control panel

v Clear LCD color display.

v Zero-space security system.

v Two-year warranty.

Cons of the chair

v Available only in the United Kingdom.

Final verdict

If you are in search of an effective massage chair to recover from tiredness, improve your blood circulation, relax your muscles, eliminate muscle tension, ease muscle soreness, and to get a relief from your nerve pain, then the 2017 model black SAMSARA Massage Chair from Global Relax U.K. is the best and the most affordable chair for you.


Massage treatment has been in practice since the prehistoric age. With the development of innovative technologies, currently, the health industry has improved a lot.

However, frequently visiting a spa for having a massage is not an affordable option for a standard individual. The only way to get an affordable and effective massage is buying a quality massage chair.

However, this is also not an easy task, as there are tons of models out there.

Therefore, it is shrewd and lucrative to go through the best massage chair reviews, featured on some renowned sites, such as Amazon, Snap deal, eBay, etc. This will aid you in choosing the best chair that will fit your health needs and your budget.

This is because it alleviates your anxiety, stress, and even lowers your blood pressure. Even though going to a spa and having a professional massage is one effective way to relax, it is not possible for all. This is because some may have no time to visit a spa or it may not be an affordable option to some others.

Therefore, buying a massage chair is the best and the most affordable way to relax. However, buying one is really a challenging task, as there are many models out there with a variety of features.

However, you have no need to worry. As this article includes the best reclining, full body massage chair reviews. Feel free to choose the one that will fit your needs and budget. Click Here To See Other Owner Reviews

Review of LM6800 massage chair from Kahuna

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The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is ideal for budget conscious people who need maximum benefits with minimum investment.

This reclining chair is designed with the Heating Therapy feature, which makes it the most sought after product amid those who are on limited budget.

It also comes with L-track rollers, which are extended from your head to hamstrings. The groundbreaking yoga program of the chair makes the product unique and stand out separate from other contending models. The massage chair earns the user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Features of the chair

Kahuna designs the LM6800 recliner with a plethora of beneficial features at an affordable price. Some of its notable features include:

Sturdy design: The LM6800 massage chair is constructed by combining steel with the durable plastic material. Moreover, the size of the chair fits well for those with the height, ranging from 5.0 feet to 6 feet 4 inches.

Unlike other analogous chairs that will stop the massage at your lower back, this chair from Kahuna will massage up to the end of your back. Furthermore, the L-tracks of the product offer 35% extra coverage when compared to the conventional S-tracks. This will ease your glutei muscles and weary thighs.

Small lie down Area: The Kahuna massage chair offers a little recline area. This means that when you are in zero gravity pose, the chair requires only a 5-inch gap from the wall.

This is really a notable beneficial feature, as most massage chairs need a 15-inch gap from the wall. This will occupy less space in your room, as well. As it comes with the product weight of 200 pounds, you can move the chair easily to any place in your home.

Adequate massage programs: Kahuna designs the massage chair with six different automatic massage programs, such as SV-Chiro, Yoga, Deep Tissue, Relax, Stretching, and Rejuvenate. At an affordable price, this is really a bonus for you. All these programs are derived from the shiatsu therapy to offer you an enjoyable experience while offering you the required relaxation.

Two zero gravity settings: The FDA-approved LM6800 massage chair comes with two zero gravity settings. This means that you can lie down weightlessly up to the level of your legs or up to the level of your heart. You can choose any of the two positions according to your stress-relieving needs. These settings will offer a more focused massage feeling, as well.

Attractive warranty: Unlike other massage chairs, which come with a one-year warranty, this Kahuna brown massage chair comes with the manufacturer warranty of three years. This means that you will get the real value for your money.

Pros of the chair

v Six automatic programs with a special 30-minute yoga program.

v Zero Gravity Positioning.

v FDA approved.

v Body scan technology.

v L-Track Massage System.

v Double Foot Rollers.

v Foot and calf massage.

v Calves heat and lower back therapy.

Cons of the chair

v Foot rollers lack insulation.

Final verdict

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is a wonderful medical device that offers you the required relaxation at an affordable price. It also comes with effective L-track rollers and a bounty of other beneficial features. If you are seeking the best massage chair with your tight budget, then this Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is a highly recommended product for you. Click Here To Check Out More User Reviews

Review of Tuscany Leather Swivel Recliner Massage Chair-Brown from More4Homes

The Tuscany Recliner Massage Chair from More4Homes is a heavy-duty product. It is one of the most striking and extremely comfortable chairs produced in the business.

It is upholstered in a genuine bond grade brown leather to offer you the required comfort. It is also a high-standard product, as it offers durability, strength, better comfort as well as premium workmanship.

This recliner massage chair is perfect for those who would like to relax and at the same time get rid of the stress of a hectic day. The product earns the customer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Features of the massage chair

Design features of the chair: With the elite features, such as ample back support, comfortable seating, striking wooden base and matching footstool, you have no necessity to concern about the support.

The chair is suitably designed with modern design and curves to offer it an amazing look. This makes the chair blend perfectly with the interior décor of any room in your home. The wood contrasts against the brown leather to add a sumptuous feel to the design. Moreover, you can use the chair for occasional seating or as a centerpiece in your home.

Durable ball tensioner: The swivel massage chair comes with a sturdy ball tensioner. This will offer you the skill to lean back with your weight easily and safely. You can also loose or tight the tensioner according to your required strength by pushing the chair back.

Eight-point massager unit: The massage chair comes incorporated with an eight-point massager unit. This allows you to have an enjoyable and a relaxed upper and lower back, leg, and thigh massage. It also comes with five dissimilar massage modes and two power settings.

Simple to assemble: More4Homes delivers the Recliner Massage Chair-Brown with all required bolts, parts, Allen Key, and an easy-to-understand installation guide. Therefore, you need a little effort to assemble the chair.

360-degree swivel: You can rotate the chair to any angle you want according to your comfort needs. This makes the chair an ideal product to read, sit and relax.

Pros of the chair

v Attractive wood bottom design and matching footstool.

v Eight point massager unit.

v Padded back.

v Quality bond grade genuine leather.

v Durable ball tensioner.

Cons of the chair

v The chair comes with one-year warranty.

Final verdict

The attractive design and the elite features of the More4Homes Swivel Recliner Massage Chair make it the highest selling massage chair in the market.

As the pros of the chair outweigh its cons, you can rest guaranteed that you would get the real value for your money. It is a highly recommended product for those who need the maximum relaxation from the stress after a tired day. Click Here To Check Out The Tuscany Swivel Chair Ratings

Review of CINEMO 9 in 1 Leather Recliner Chair from More4Homes

The CINEMO 9 in 1 Recliner Chair from More4Homes is currently the best massage chair available on the market. This is because it offers you the supreme comfort with its high-quality leather upholstery, the pillow back support, and padded arms.

This allows you to use the chair for many hours to relax. The outstanding lumbar support, flexible padding, 360-degree swivel, and other beneficial features make the product more popular amid those who need the maximum relaxation. The product earns the user rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Features of the recliner chair 

More4Homes offers nine beneficial features in a single chair. These features include:

1. Adjustable Headrest.

2. Rocker.

3. Recliner.

4. 360-degree Swivel.

5. Massager.

6. Heated Seat.

7. Two front storage pockets.

8. Two Drink Holders.

9. Two side storage pockets.

Some of the other distinguished features of the recliner chair include:

Ergonomic design: More4Homes designs the CINEMO Recliner with the Latch Mechanism. This allows you to relax, watch your favorite movies by pulling the latch of the chair according to your comfort. It also comes outfitted with two drink holders to keep your energetic drinks while relaxing. You can also adjust the headrest to get a comfortable position. The 360-degree swivel feature of the chair allows you to sit comfortably by keeping it at a perfect angle.

Great versatility: The 9 in 1 Recliner Chair is a high versatile product, as you can swivel, rock, or recline according to your needs. You can greatly relax by pulling the lever, putting the feet up, and turning on the massage. You can rock the chair back and forth to get the required comfort and relaxation.

Handy heated seat: The recliner chair comes with the heated seat, which makes it an ideal chair to relax during the cold months. It also offers you the necessary comfort, as it alleviates your soaring shoulders and back.

Huge storage pockets: The recliner comes with two big side and front storage pockets. They will make your chair a perfect reading companion by storing your favorite books, newspapers, magazines, etc., to read while you are relaxing.

Pros of the recliner chair

v Adaptable headrest.

v 360-degree swivel.

v Heated seat.

v Eight-point massage.

v Two side and front storage pouches.

v Drink holders.

Cons of the recliner chair

v The chair does not lock into rest.

Final verdict

If you want to buy a massage chair with maximum features at a minimum price, then you can opt for the CINEMO 9 in 1 Recliner Chair from More4Homes. The chair is not only economical, but it also offers you the required relaxation. Click Here To Order The CINEMO 9 in 1 Leather Recliner Chair



Best Massage Chair UK; Review of IT-8500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair- Ivory from Infinite Therapeutics

The Infinite Therapeutics IT-8500 Massage Chair has been in the market for the past two years.

It is currently the highest selling chair, as it comes with the most sophisticated massage technologies.

It offers a high-tech roller foot kneading, thigh massage, highly developed shoulder massage, shiatsu spinal correction, and a complete hand or arm massage.

It also comes with an incredible complete body stretch for your spinal correction, strategic body scan sensors for adapted targeted massage, as well as with the music and lumbar heat. All these elite features make users rate the product with 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Features of the massage chair

Refined look and design: IT-8500 is a zero gravity massage chair that comes with a sophisticated look and design. It comes with five different massage techniques that include Tapping, Kneading, Synchronic, Shiatsu, and Knocking.

It is also designed with the Airbag Pressure Massage Technology to offer the required relaxation to your arms, feet, legs, and shoulders.

Zero Gravity feature: With the zero gravity features, the chair is capable of eliminating your soreness in vertebral discs. This is achieved through maintaining and promoting the normal S shape of your spine from your neck to your lumbar area.

The balanced musical massage of the chair eases your exhausted muscles, eliminates stress and keeps your heart rate steady.

The zero gravity feature of the product also improves your overall health, reduces the heart rate, releases stress and calms both your body as well as your mind.


The threefold skill: The major beneficial feature of the Infinite massage chair is its threefold skill. This means that it offers you the relaxation through a three-step process.

It will first identify the exhausted areas, such as calves, shoulders, etc.

The highly adjusted optical sensor of the chair enables it to identify the tired areas of the body to offer an accurate and relaxing massage to them.

The sensors aim at the individual acupoints down your neck, spine, and shoulders to offer the precise, soothing and accurate massage.

Spinal improvement: The IT-8500 massage chair comes with a highly developed upper body airbag system. This is a multi-functional system, which releases the firmness from your shoulder and brings it to the relaxed condition.

This is done along with a lower end grip and enlarge feature. These actions are carried out concurrently while the back roller massagers travel up and down your spine and the shiatsu-rotating seat swings your hips between the sides. This sophisticated upper body airbag system offers a superior spinal improvement.

Enjoyable and relaxed music: The distinguishing feature of this massage chair from Infinite is its soothing music system.

The chair comes equipped with a USB port, incorporated speakers, as well as with a touch key regulator. This allows you to enjoy hearing your preferred music while you are relaxing. The combination of audio ambiance and relaxing massage therapy offers you a unique therapeutic experience.

Pros of the chair


v Two Zero Gravity Positions.

v Spinal improvement.

v Intersound expertise.

v Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism.

v Lumbar Heat.

v Physical correcting massage strengths.

v Rolling massagers on soles of feet.

Cons of the chair

v Costly.

Final verdict

Overall, the ivory IT-8500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Infinite Therapeutics is a wonderful and unique tissue massage product. If you are seeking a massage chair with a higher intensity, this is the perfect chair for you. Click Here To See Other Owner Reviews on Amazon.

Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy? What Are Its Benefits?


The question that is being asked by many people is whether it is safe to use massage chairs during pregnancy. According to Dr. Alan Weider, a retired full-time chiropractor, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.


The massage chair can be used by a pregnant woman at any stage of the pregnancy – may it be during the first or the final trimester. However, the treatment needs to be formulated depending on the morphological anatomy of the mother’s body. Therefore, any pregnant can get maximum benefit from the use of the massage chair during any stage of pregnancy.


However, nothing can beat an experienced hand touch, but the massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular by the day. The following are some of the positive reasons as to why you should use a massage chair during your pregnancy.


Ease Back Pain


According to studies that were conducted, results indicated that the massage chairs work wonders to ease back pains during pregnancy. The massage chair works on the upper part of the body hence increasing the circulation of blood thus relieving any pain. Besides that, it also helps to reduce any cramps.


No Body Jarring 


It is commonly believed that massage chairs can harm the unborn baby due to their vibrations. However, according to research, it has been found that the vibration movements of the massage chair are just the same as the body movements during walking.


For this reasons, there is no possibility that these mild movements can in any way harm the developing fetus. The fetus is protected by the amniotic fluid which absorbs any vibrations. Therefore, the waves from the massage chair will not result in any degree harm to your baby. It is likely that the baby will not even to the least degree feel the vibration movements.


Labor Becomes Easy


According to , it has been found that when a pregnant mother gets a massage during her pregnancy, it ensures that you get shorter labor period. Besides that, it helps to reduce any chances of the development of postnatal depression.


Most importantly, if you have any complication in your health during your pregnancy, massage chairs are very safe to use. As a matter of fact, due to the advancement in technology, as a pregnant mother, you can get a custom-made massage chair to suit your pregnancy massage needs.


Curing Insomnia Problem


One of the benefits that a pregnant mother can accrue from using the massage chair is how well it will help you to sleep after a massage session. This is because massage helps your body to relax – the muscles, joints, and nerves. Therefore, after a good massage chair session, you are likely to get a better quality of sleep.


Breathing Difficulty


According to medical reports, most pregnant women find it difficult to take in a deep breath. Well, this difficulty in breathing is caused by the slouching posture that is brought about by the addition of body weight during pregnancy.


To overcome this problem, when you sit in a massage chair, and it continually rolls in the middle of your back. The continuous rolling on your back will go a long way into helping your back to straighten up a bit, and this will help you to be able to take deep breaths. Moreover, better deep breathing also plays a role in increasing the quality of your sleep.


Compensates for Lack of Mobility


As pregnancy continues to grow, weight is added. When you add more weight, your body joints do not move as quickly as they used to before the pregnancy. Massage chairs are known to help overcome this problem. As you sit on the vibrating massage chair, it helps to give your body some passive movements which will keep your joints moving hence maintain them in a healthy state.


For you to confirm this fact, you can perform the following simple test. Before you sit on the massage chair for a massaging session, measure how far your body can be able to turn. Also, after you have done a massage session on the chair, check how well you can move also.


Postural Stress


Postural stress is a common complaint by most pregnant women. Most women even before conception have bad posture, and so after becoming pregnant and adding up to 40 pounds, it adds a problem to the posture.


A bad posture is a leading contribution to most muscle spasms, pain, and general body aches. When you are facing these stresses, and you take a massage chair session, it goes a long way in helping to reduce these postural stresses. This is because the massage chair works on most of these postural points to give you that much-needed relief.




Most pregnant women get swollen feet due to the accumulation of blood on the extremities. This is caused by poor circulation of blood and other body fluids. In order to overcome this problem, most massage chairs come with foot massagers which helps to massage the feet hence improving the circulation of blood.


Massaging of the feet helps not only to reduce the development of swollen feet, but it also helps to remove any other body toxins that might have accumulated on the legs. It has been established through studies that accumulation of body toxins on the extremities are the contributing factor to most body pains and aches.


Mood Booster
In a research study that involved 32 healthy pregnant women who were treated to a 45-minute massage chair session, it was found that the massage helped to reduce anxiety and boost the mood of the women.


Moreover, it was also found that it helps to boost the immunity. Good immunity is key to the well being of both the mother and the developing baby. Getting a chair massage can help to improve resistance by increasing the number of white blood cells that are being produced.


A lot of research studies indicate that massage chairs are suitable for pregnant mothers. However, before you start using it, ensure that you consult your doctor. This is because you might be having a high pregnancy risk. Most importantly, when you are using the chair, make sure that you put on the extra belt for protection.

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