Car Detailing And Washing in 2017

How To Go About Car Detailing, Car Waxing, Car Cleaning & The Best Car Cleaning Products to Use in 2017 –  Buyer’s Guide

Hey there. Today I am going to share with you the best way to go about car detailing, car cleaning, car waxing and also the best car cleaning products to use for your car in 2017 . You have been enjoying its services all through the week therefore you should have no trouble setting apart an afternoon to properly wash and detail it so that it looks like cleaningThe first thing you should do when cleaning your car is to focus on the wheels first. The first challenge you may have in cleaning your car wheels is getting through every nook and cranny of the rims to get the dust and grime out. cleaning car wheels

I hate doing that and am sure most of you do too. That is why I switched to something the motorcycle guys use to clean their rims which is called the s100 cleaner which enables me to avoid going through every nook and cranny with a dumb brush. Just spray it on and rinse it out.

The Next Step is The Body Car Cleaning

  1. The first thing you need to do is just to get it real wet with a water hose.
  2. The next thing that you should do is set aside two separate buckets; the first bucket is where you are going to use soapy water and the second bucket is where you use clean water to rinse off the cloth you are going to use to clean the car.two buckets cleaning and washing a car

Most people forget to set aside the clean water and end up scratching their paint because they simply transfer dirt to and from the soapy water.

The next thing is to get the fingery looking microfiber wash mitts below which I find really comfy and convenient because I can slip my hand right in. After you soak them in the soapy water, you start right at the top of the car then work your way through the sides and to the rest of the body.

After the body is all soaped up, you can either opt for the old school technique of taking the nozzle off the hose and rinsing the soap off that way, or you can try using a de-ionizing filter that works way better if you ask me. It works better for me because I do not have to dry off the car after washing. You can either go for the stand alone like the one below or for a head that you can attach to the nozzle. Works like magic!

After the drying process is over, it is time to get off the finer dirt particles that is left on the paint work.

How do you know that it is there?

Simple, just take your hand. A dry hand without any ring or jewellery and then rub it on top of your bonnet. You should hear a rough sounding noise sort of like the one you hear when you are using a saw. You should never hear such sound coming from your car paint. That noise is the contaminants that sound like upside down sandpaper. You should get those off next.

So how do you get the contaminants off?

I thought you would never ask : ) . You use some clay putty for that and some lubricant spray to lubricate the body off the car before you gloss over it using the clay. The clay putty will clear off the remaining contaminants on the paint work and leave you with a smooth sounding finish. If you rub your hand on the car surface after doing this, you should just hear no scratchy noises. You know you are done with an area of the car, when the clay putty no longer sticks to the surface. Spray some lubricant before glossing it over with the Clay putty;


spray lubricant


You should get several pieces of clay putty because once they get dirty, take another piece, mold it out and then continue glossing it over the car surface. You should also make sure that you spray the lubricant over the body before you start.

Gloss it over with the clay putty

clay putty for cars


If you discover some chips in your paint, this is the time to work on them before you start waxing.

Here is where most people get mixed up. When should we  do a Car wax and when should we polish?

Well, polish is a micro abrasive which will take off a layer of your fine finish and delete scratches in it while car wax is something that you use to seal the finish after you have washed, “clay bared” and or after you have polished it. Most people will get so much polish and/or wax deep down in the crevices of the paint until it becomes problematic again. You do not need to get it even within half an inch of the crevices to get the work done properly.
After you polish and wax the body, take a separate microfiber cloth like the miracle cloth below that is not moist at all and then rub it gently on the body to take off excess polish or wax and give it a nice glossy finish. Waxing a car after polishing it is like using a moisturizer or aftershave after doing all the hard cleaning.

The other thing you may or may not want to do is to leave your tires looking glossy. There are people who say that car detailing is not done until the tire dressing is put on while others do not mind leaving the tires having a matte finish. If you are one of those who enjoy having your tires nice and glossy, then you can use the tire dressing below and spray it on them after cleaning. I just simply spray it off and wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth.

The next place to do is to clean off your car windows. The old school method was to use a newspaper and some window cleaner and clean it off. The new and better way is to use a microfiber cloth and this amazing invisible glass cleaner that makes your windows more hydrophobic and clear as crystal.

You can also use the glass cleaner i have recommended above for your chrome and grills.

If you have leather interiors and seats, then you should use the product called Lexol below which works really great with leather. In fact if your leather seats have gotten really stiff, just take a handful of Lexol and apply it on the seats, then leave them out off the sun for a day or two. When you come back and wipe of the excess, your leather seats should be nice and soft again.

For your interior cleaning, i recommend that you use a low sheen Armor All below to clean out your dashboard.

Then finally to top it all off, you can use one of the nifty eraser pencils below to clean off the marks that you may have on the crevices on your dashboard.eraser pencil for detailing

You can also watch the video below for more extra tips and training on car detailing, car waxing and car cleaning.

Car Detailing And Washing in 2017 - Buyer’s Guide
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Car Detailing And Washing in 2017 - Buyer’s Guide
How To Go About Car Detailing, Car Waxing, Car Cleaning & The Best Car Cleaning Products to Use in 2017
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