Cutting Board Reviews for 2017

Plastic Cutting board? Corian Cutting Board? Wooden Cutting Board? Here Are the Full Reviews for 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hello there and today I am going to do cutting board reviews updated for April 2017 based upon the feedback from a professional Chef. I am going to touch base on three major types of cutting boards today that include; a corian cutting board, a plastic cutting board and the last type is a wood cutting board.

Corian Cutting board

So let me talk about Corian cutting boards first. Corian has a very hard surface and the good thing about that is that it is never going to warp on you when you are busy cutting your food on it. The only thing you need to watch out for this particular type of cutting board is that it is going to dull your knife a little bit faster especially when you use it a lot because of the hard surface it has.

The good thing about it is that it is hyper allergenic and resistant to bacterial growth, so if you are looking for an antibacterial solution, this is it. One thing that I like it for is for Cheese platters. You can pop this board in the fridge and not worry about the cheese melting on it or becoming warm because it gets very cold. I guess because the board is a good transmitter of cold and heat.

Plastic Cutting boards

These are the next type of boards that I am going to talk about. First and foremost, it is important for you to note that they come in a wide variety of colors. I am going to talk about 6 different colors and just so you know, the colors are not just for decoration.

  • The Brown ones are for cooked meat
  • The white one is for like dairy
  • The blue is for sea food
  • The red one if for meats
  • The green one is for vegetables
  • The yellow one is for other things that do not fall in the other categories. It is sort of a miscellaneous type of board.

So Why do you Need To Get all These Plastic Cutting Boards in The Various Colors?

Well, first it helps cut out cross contamination between different food items you may be preparing. The colors help you know what you use them for so that you avoid using the same board for raw fish and cooked meat.

The other thing is that they are usually around 75% cheaper than other types of hence you can afford to buy all of them without breaking bank.

I also like them because they are easily replaceable. For example if you lose the brown one, you just buy another brown one. Meanwhile, you can continue using the other ones as usual.

Wooden Cutting boards

This is the last type of chopping board that I am going to review today. It is also my favorite thus far. I like it a lot because it is nice and big and I can put a full turkey on there if I want to especially during thanksgiving and still have room for stuffing on the sides.

It is also very thick and sturdy and therefore it is never going to warp on you. This is very important because there are other types of chopping boards that start to warp and have bevels after sometime.

Here Is How To Carry Out Proper Care For Your Cutting Boards
  1. The plastic ones and the Corian are very simple to maintain because you just use soapy water for cleaning and some hot water. The Corian is great because it is also dishwasher safe. I do not recommend putting the plastic ones in a dishwasher though because they tend to warp.
  2. As for the wooden cutting board, it is vital to appreciate that the wood has pores in it and therefore food will definitely get into the pores. So what you want to do is to clog up the pores so that food does not get stuck in wooden cutting boards

You can use cutting board oil on it and paper cloth and slowly spread it across the surface as you rub it in. Then you let it sit for about ten minutes before you wipe it all off. After the ten minutes, you take a dry paper cloth and wipe the oil of gently. You will notice that it has a glossy shine to it. That is fine because you just wiped off the excess oil and left some to clog up the pores in the wood.

The oil also helps it from drying out and cracking. After this simple cleaning process, it is ready to be stored. If you are worried about smearing the oil on other items, just wrap it up with a plastic cover before you store it.

That is my review for today. A bonus tip for you is how to keep a cutting board from sliding on the counter top when you are using it. I just use two paper towels, damp them in a bit of water and place them beneath the board, one on either side and boom! You are ready to cut without that annoying swinging motion.

Cutting Board Reviews 2017- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
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Cutting Board Reviews 2017- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Cutting Board Reviews for Corian, plastic and wooden types in 2017. It also includes the best cutting board oil.
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