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Best Cutting Board For Your Kitchen August 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best cutting board for your kitchen for 2017 ? Of course you are! Or else, you would not have been reading this review. It can be a daunting task in the current world to select a product. Every company claims to have the best in the market. How can you be sure that they really are the best or it is just a bunch of “hot aired” claims?

The only way to be sure that you are getting the best product in exchange for your cash is looking at what other people who have bought and used the item have said. That is why we have gone far and wide to check out from customers all over the world who have used the boards in this article and brought you the ones that had the most positive feedback.

 So What is the best rated wood cutting boards in 2017?

Here is the best wood counter top cutting board for your kitchen brought to you by

Advantages of this type of Wood cutting board

  • It has anti microbial and germ resistant properties that will ensure that you avoid cross contamination of foods
  • It is the Best Rated Bamboo Cutting board
  • It is made from natural Bamboo which means that it will not crack or split on you while you are busy cutting food on it. It will also not become warped or bend while you use it.
  • It makes it very difficult for bacteria to stay on it because it does not chip or warp, therefore when you clean it, you wash away all the possible contaminants from the surface without worrying if there are any left in the grooves.
  • Since it is made from a special type of bamboo, it prevents the edges of your knife from wearing and tearing quickly.


  • If you leave soapy water or dirty water on it for a while, it may mold.
  • It is not thick enough for cutting meat with big bones.

Customer Reviews

All in all, the consumers who purchased this item were satisfied with the product and felt safe because of the full refund guarantee if you receive a defective product.

What is the best cutting board for raw meat in 2017 ?

Since you cannot use the type of board above for meat with big bones, that begs the question. What is the best cutting board for meat? The best cutting board for raw meat is the Big Kahuna cutting board.

Advantages of The Big Kahuna

  • It is strong enough to contain the pressure from you cutting meat with bones.
  • The high quality type of Bamboo called Moso Bamboo was used to make it therefore you can be assured that it will last a long time.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.


  • If you use it after some time, some knife marks may appear on it.
  • It does not have rubber on the bottom

Customer Feedback

Some of the customers loved it  and some had reservations about it.

What is best oil for cutting boards?

If you have boards such as the one above, you will need to clean them with a special type of oil that will maintain the wood glossy finish. The best oil for cutting boards right know is the John Boos Mystery Butcher Block Oil.

Advantages of this oil

  • It can be used for a wide variety of surfaces which include cutting boards, butcher blocks, utensils and even counter tops.
  • It is fully made in the USA
  • It is very very simple to use. Just apply it on the desired surface, wait for 5 minutes and then clean it off.


  • It will not solve issues on boards that have splinters.
  • If you want to stain and seal a butcher block, this is not the option for you

Consumer Reviews

Most of the over 300 people who have bought it so far, love it because it is Made in the USA and also because it is a great product that does what it says in the billboards.

If you require something a little bit more safer to handle when you have children around, you can opt for Clark’s cutting board oil and wax. It is made from food grade material and it leaves a protective cover on your surfaces after use.

Here are some custom cutting boards for those of you who want something a little more unique;

The best Teak Cutting Board

The best one for you under this category is the Proteak cutting board that comes with a hand grip and a juice canal.

Advantages Of The Proteak Cutting Board

  • The material used is high end teak that comes from a sustainable plantation in a forest in Mexico. Therefore by buying it, you get both quality and also you help conserve the environment.
  • It comes with a hand grip therefore you can carry it even if you have oily hands.
  • A juice canal has been placed round it to guide juices from the food you  cut so that it does not spill all over your counter top.
  • It is unique to you because no 2 boards are similar
  • It requires very minimal care


  • It is for serious Chefs and professional cooks since it is on the higher end of cutting boards.
  • It is not end grain

Customer Feedback

Most of over 71 customers who bought this item today liked it. Especially the unique features it has and durability of it.

The Best Tempered Glass Cutting Board

There are some of you who prefer tempered glass cutting boards. The best tempered glass cutting board in the market right now is the Surface Saver.

Pros Of This Glass Cutting Board

  • Since it is made from glass material, the surface is resistant to stains and does not retain odors from food.
  • You can place hot pots and pans on it while you switch things from your cooktop
  • It is scratch resistant because it is made from tempered glass therefore it will still look good even if you use it for a long period of time.
  • The material used is also resistant to heat and condensation therefore you can cut hot food on it comfortably
  • It is also made in the USA


  • It does not come with a frame therefore you have to use it as is or design yours accordingly

Consumer Reviews

Most of the people who purchased it liked it because of its versatility. Most housewives liked the fact that you can place hot pots and pans on it while you cook.

The Best Acrylic cutting board

The best acrylic cutting board is this one by Kitchen kare. You can click through the image below to go through the full package listing.



  • It is very friendly to use with sharp knives
  • It is made from acrylic therefore it is durable
  • It is made in the USA
  • It does not break easily


  • It is not very clear
  • It is limited in a limited variety of sizes
  • The rubber nobs below it that keep it from slipping when you are using it are not that strong

Customer Feedback

It is a good option for those who want something flexible.

Marble Cutting Board

The best marble cutting board is the Fox Run Brands White Marble Non-stick.

Pros of This Marble Cutting Board

  • It is made from durable white marble
  • It comes with natural non-stick properties
  • It is made from high quality that is very good for kneading dough and making pastry items


  • You should be extra careful with sharp knives because they may leave scratch marks on it
  • It is not to be used for heavy cutting
  • It may crack when left in dishwashers for a long time

Consumer Reviews

There are over 100 people who bought this item who had positive reviews for it.

Granite Cutting Board

The best granite board in the market is the Dexas cutting board below.

Pros Of this Granite Cutting Board

  • It is non porous and resistant to stains which is advantageous because it will not absorb flavours or odors
  • It does not develop splinters or break easily
  • You can wash it in a dish washer comfortably
  • It is also made in the USA
  • It is light in weight so you can carry it easily


  • Ceramic knives leaves scratch marks on the surface
  • Since it is made out of granite, color variety is limited
  • There are no raised edges to keep liquids from flowing on your counter top
Consumer Reviews for This Granite Board

The consumers who purchased this type of board appreciated the unique factor it provides. Some loved it while others hated it.

Best Over The Sink Cutting Board

If you are looking for something a little large, then you should settle for the Lipper International bamboo over the sink cutting board.

Advantages of this over the sink cutting board

  • It is made from bamboo that does not soak water in or split its grains
  • It will not stain since this is its natural color
  • It is very simple to wash. Just apply soap and water
  • You can put a hot pan on it and it will still maintain the look

Disadvantages of this over the sink cutting board

  • No negative reviews have been given of it so far


There you have it. There are so many types of available in the market depending on your needs. Therefore we have gone far and wide to bring you the best in each category so that you make an informed choice while purchasing.


Best Cutting Board 2017 - Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
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Best Cutting Board 2017 - Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
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